2011 Caches

I have compiled a Bookmark List of all new caches that were placed on Dartmoor in 2011.  My definition of Dartmoor is the National Park as defined on the OS map.  It does not (at the moment) include caches that were placed and then archived or any puzzles or multicaches that are shown outside the Park but are actually placed within it.  The list also excludes Event caches and CITO Events.

In total there were 219 caches placed by 51 different placers resulting in 9,944 finds and I have analysed these in several different ways, with a page on each analysis within this web site.   These analyses only include caches placed within 2011, so those caches placed earlier in the year fare better.

The first analysis I have called “Popular Caches” and is a list of those caches found most often.  The most popular caches are those within the South Brent Trail and the Dewer Ramble, where just 31 caches account for 46% of the total number of caches found on Dartmoor!  Puzzle caches are the least popular, with the 16% that have been placed accounting for only 3.4% of the finds.

The second analysis is called “Favourite Caches” and is a list of those caches which have been awarded the most Favourites  – but with a “u” of course!  The best way to get Favourites for your cache is to have an unusual container.  Although only 13% of our caches have an “unknown” container type, they account for 26% of the Favourites awarded and many of these caches are really just cache & dashes!

The third analysis is called “Best Caches?” and is a list of those caches which have the highest percentage of Favourites to Finds.  This is where those difficult Puzzle caches have been lurking. Not many finds, but most who do find award a favourite.

The last Analysis is called “The Placers” and is just that – a list of those who have placed the most caches on Dartmoor during 2011.


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