2022 Dartmoor Geocoin Race – Final Positions

30th November 2022 – Final Positions

During November there has been just one major change in positions and it is the most important one. Joanna’s geocoin suddenly added 11,000 miles and has moved from 3rd place to winning the race! This was almost entirely due to it being taken first to Paris and then to Oregon and being returned to Paris with just a few days left of the month. I also had to deduct 1,500 miles as one cacher forgot they dropped it in an event and continued to visit with it. It was eventually grabbed from them and re-logged into the event.

So an amazing last month spurt and congratulations to Joanna for winning the race and pushing Anne and Cathy down into second and third places. All 3 will win a free Dartmoor Geocoin which I am still hoping will be a 2023 one!

Unfortunately the race this year has been marred by those not activating and releasing their coins for others to find. This has been by far the worst year for this in the 9 years I have run the race. It brings into question whether or not there will be future races, but it would be such a shame to end it all just one year short of our 10th year.

As I mentioned above I am still hoping to produce a 2023 Dartmoor Geocoin and I will be announcing some details fairly soon.

Final Positions as at 30th November, 2022.
NameCacher NameTB NoMilesLast LocationStatus
Joanna Leehomeleejo TBA5T74 14,760ParisIn cache
Anne HamiltonHeavenlymxTBA5T3E10,961East Mids, UKIn cache
Cathy PengillyPinguiglooTBA5T2K7,644GermanyVisiting caches
Jason Deanedixie_gooner TBA5T6B 3,756PolandVisiting caches
John StackGolden Haystack TBA5T6T 2,802SlovakiaIn cache
Belinda McSherryT&BMcSherryTBA5T452,661GermanyIn cache
Paul Bevanbig eddie TBA5T5M 2,272Bayern, GermanyVisiting
Jayne GuppyJaynie15 TBA5T6C 1,434CzechiaRetrieved
Andrew Stokesstokes2342TBA5T751,058SomersetMarked as missing!
Christine Hutchinschutch74TBA5T61281North WalesIn cache
Carol NorrishDylan1966TBA5T6M219Nr GrimsbyNot in cache - probably missing
Murray KohnMuzzaDazzlerTBA5T6P116Warlingham, nr CroydonRetrieved
Paula RedpathPaularedTBA5T2G3FarnboroughIn cache
Isaac Ogdenheartradio TBA5T65 0DartmoorRetrieved
Janet KnellerWeather-ITTBA5T5Z0SomersetRetrieved
Neil ArmstrongFinder-Man TBA5T67 0GibralterRetrieved
Suzy Ayshfordjazz_a TBA5T5Q 0With OwnerNot released
Louise AutyBalrogslayers MumAwaiting Notification0With OwnerNot activated
Justine TearThe Old Grey MareAwaiting Notification0With OwnerNot activated
Emily HowardEmilyMilnerAwaiting Notification0With OwnerNot activated
Emma Cameronelcameron36Awaiting Notification0With OwnerNot activated
Kevin Bastowdartmoor stridersAwaiting Notification0With OwnerNot activated