2017 Dartmoor Geocoin Race – Latest

14th February 2017 – Up and Running

Well at least one coin is.  Just 3 days into the race and 5 geocoins have been placed, but only heartradio’s has been picked up and moved on.  A further 6 have been activated but the remainder have not.  Please activate your coins as soon as possible, because I cannot put them on my watchlist until they have been activated.  Hopefully within the next couple of days they will all be activated and then you will be able to place them at your leisure.

17th February 2017 – More Coins Activated and Placed

Several more geocoins have now been activated and placed but only 3 have moved anywhere, with a further 2 having been retrieved.  We have a new leader Dylan1966, but the coin has only just got out of Devon!  Another reminder to those who haven’t yet activated their coins, please do so now because I cannot put them on my watchlist until they have been activated.  Many thanks.

2nd May 2017 – A New leader and Four Coins in The States

Sorry for the delay, but I have now managed to get the race positions up to date.  We have a new leader in dixie_gooner whose coin has travelled to Australia via Thailand and has already returned to the UK! Four coins are currently in The States and only one in Germany 😉  Three coins were released in New Zealand and two of those made in to The Sates.  Unfortunately three coins seem to have disappeared already, two of them from their initial cache 🙁

9th October 2017 – Several Coins Rushing up the Leader Board

There have been some dramatic moves up the leader board since my last update.  Biggest mover has been Balrogslayers Mum adding 10,395 miles and jumping into 5th place.  bird 13 added 8,972 miles to go 6th and The Cooke Family added 8,467 miles to go 2nd.  But still well clear at the top is dixie_gooner leading by 10,621 miles.  Only one additional coin seems to have gone missing, but how sad that 3 of the 4 missing coins were lost (stolen) in the UK 🙁

Updated 9th October 2017
NameCacher NameTB NoMilesLast LocationStatus
Jason Deandixie_goonerTB89PFX26,776British Columbia, CanadaRetrieved
Spain promised?
Colin CookeThe Cooke FamilyTB89PFN16,155New South Wales, AustraliaIn cache since
1st August
Mel ReadMoira CrackersTB89PG813,126California, USARetrieved
Andrew Stokesstokes2342TB89PFC10,587Maryland, USARetrieved
Louise AutyBalrogslayers MumTB89PMV10,395IndonesiaVisiting
Joe Birdbird 13TB89PEZ9,216Niedersachsen, GermanyRetrieved
Isaac OgdenheartradioTB89PFW7,791California, USAIn cache
Belinda McSherryT&BMcSherryTB89PFE7,079SwindonIn cache
Warren BatrickBogbunnyTB89PRC6,425Faro, PortugalIn cache
Lisa CanningAngelaobscuraTB89PHT5,076Czech RepublicVisiting
Carol NorrishDylan1966TB89PM74,202Baden-Württemberg, GermanyVisiting
Cathy PengillyPinguiglooTB89PH94,138Emilia–Romagna , ItalyVisiting
Janet KnellerWeather-ITTB89PRW3,385Oost-Vlaanderen, BelgiumVisiting
Suzy AyshfordJazz_aTB89PRQ3,056Nordrhein-Westfalen, GermanyVisiting
Ade LewisAde_ezTB89PM0860SwitzerlandMarked as missing 🙁
Christine Hutchinschutch74TB89PG5401Nr Mount Cook,
South Island,
New Zealand
Not moved since April
Liam CookenavyspootterTB89PMF243Weston-Super-MareRetrieved
Andy LawrieAmberelTB89PT144Guildford, SurreyNOT in cache 🙁
Jon DandDigby CachersTB89PM50Exeter, DevonMarked as missing 🙁
Maureen WillcocksWandering WilliesTB89PG00Near Amble,
Marked as missing 🙁

5 thoughts on “2017 Dartmoor Geocoin Race – Latest”

    1. Hi Andrew,
      I think the miles just needed refreshing, they are now shown against steeplechase and not you. But that doesn’t matter. What I don’t understand and need to think about, is why the miles have not been shown as the shortest distance. They have been shown going right across two oceans and a continent, rather than across just the one ocean. I very much doubt if that was the route taken anyway.
      Regards, Dave.

      1. Hi Andrew,
        I have now checked this out, the miles are OK but the map for some strange reason shows it going two thirds of the way around the world 😉 !

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