Cudlipptown Down Trail

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Name: Cudlipptown Down Trail
No. of Caches: 32 (includes 9 other caches on route and 3 very close to route)
Length: 5.5 miles to be completed clockwise
Owner: Dartmoor Dave with 5 additional caches by wanderingwillies
Cache Types: A wide variety of cache types with many large enough to hold swag and trackables and all have been hidden to be easily found, although there are 2 very easy tree climbs.
Bonus Caches: 1 bonus cache near the end of the series.  Only 6 bonus  numbers need to be collected, all of which are repeated in a second cache.
Terrain: There are reasonable paths on much of the route, but not between CDT07 and CDT13 which is typical moorland grass, although fairly dry, even in winter.  There is only one real climb, up towards White Tor and for some this might be a little strenuous.  However, once on the open moor this is a fairly remote walk and adequate clothing is essential.  Do NOT rely solely on your GPS.
Parking: Parking for about 3 cars on the road at the start point where shown.  Additional parking at Hill Bridge, Wapsworthy and Smeardon Down.
Description:  A circular walk which is not too strenuous and passes through a wide variety of terrain, including grazing land, a beautiful stretch along the Mine Leat and a long stretch of open moor with spectacular views.   This walk is close to, but not in, the Merrivale Army Range, and providing you park at the recommended parking and keep to the route, any red flags you see can be safely ignored, but do NOT walk past any range poles when the red flags are flying.  Allow at least 5 to 6 hours.

NameGC CodePlacedTypeSizeDiffTerrPMOFP%Owner
CDT01 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - SonicGC85VN304/05/19TraditionalOther21.5N15.29Dartmoor Dave
CDT02 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - TreeGC84E8809/05/19TraditionalSmall22N2.44Dartmoor Dave
"Little Bridges # 1619 Horndon"GC84KF311/03/19TraditionalSmall1.51.5Y4.71wanderingwillies
Little Bridges # 1434 Hill Bridge LeatGC7M1P625/03/18TraditionalSmall1.51.5Y8.99wanderingwillies
Little Bridges # 1766 - Mine LeatGC8FWXN02/05/19TraditionalSmall2.53.5N29.41Dartmoor Dave
Little Bridges # 1649 - Mine Leat TooGC84EK402/05/19TraditionalSmall22.5N12.50Dartmoor Dave
"Little Bridges # 1620 Hill Bridge Mine Leat"GC84KFE11/03/19TraditionalSmall1.51.5Y8.54wanderingwillies
CDT03 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - RocksGC84EJD02/05/19TraditionalSmall22.5N1.33Dartmoor Dave
CDT04 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - Rock HeapGC84EJF02/05/19TraditionalSmall22.5N0.00Dartmoor Dave
CDT05 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - More RocksGC84EJG02/05/19TraditionalSmall22N0.00Dartmoor Dave
CDT06 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - TreeGC84EJH02/05/19TraditionalSmall21.5N0.00Dartmoor Dave
CDT07 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - BisonGC84EJN04/05/19TraditionalMicro2.53.5N4.41Dartmoor Dave
Little Bridges#1435 - Wapsworthy/Cudlipptown DownGC7M1Q225/03/18TraditionalSmall1.52Y3.90wanderingwillies
CDT08 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - Flying SaucerGC84EJP04/05/19TraditionalSmall22.5N1.45Dartmoor Dave
CDT09 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - RockGC84EJT04/05/19TraditionalSmall22.5N1.45Dartmoor Dave
CDT10 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - Split RockGC84EK004/05/19TraditionalSmall22.5N2.90Dartmoor Dave
CDT11 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - TorGC84EK305/05/19TraditionalSmall23N5.80Dartmoor Dave
White TorGC3X9M312/11/13TraditionalSmall23N7.22Dartmoor Dave
CDT12 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - RocksGC86HW105/05/19TraditionalSmall22.5N2.86Dartmoor Dave
White Tor (Lower)GC7QT0T05/06/18TraditionalSmall23N9.52Dartmoor Dave
CDT13 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - Almost DownGC86HW405/05/19TraditionalSmall22.5N1.43Dartmoor Dave
Stephen's GraveGC86HW610/05/19TraditionalOther22.5N23.94Dartmoor Dave
CDT14 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - Mini TorGC86HWC30/04/19TraditionalSmall22.5N1.41Dartmoor Dave
CDT15 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - Smeardon DownGC86HWE30/04/19TraditionalSmall22.5N2.74Dartmoor Dave
CDT16 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - TorGC86HWG30/04/19TraditionalSmall23N2.86Dartmoor Dave
Boulters TorGC7WG3821/08/18TraditionalSmall2.53N8.77Dartmoor Dave
CDT17 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - BoulderGC86HWK30/04/19TraditionalSmall22.5N7.04Dartmoor Dave
CDT18 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - GateGC86HWM11/05/19TraditionalSmall22.5N4.29Dartmoor Dave
CDT19 - Cudlipptown Down Trail - BrookGC86HWN30/04/19TraditionalSmall22.5N2.86Dartmoor Dave
Little Bridges # 1318 Cudlipptown BrookGC7F0GP17/11/17TraditionalSmall22N10.13Dartmoor Dave
Cudlipptown Down Trail - BonusGC86HWX12/05/19UnknownSmall32N59.65Dartmoor Dave
FP% - I’ve used the percentage of FPs to rate caches. This is better than using the simple count which will soon get out of date and need updating. The percentage should remain fairly constant over time.
Updated 23rd January, 2020