Skir Hill Trail

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The map is interactive and can be moved, zoomed in and out, or can be displayed full screen. It displays a suggested route for the Skir Hill Trail.

The blue marker indicate parking and the red markers the 2 suggested starting caches. Click on these markers to link to the cache descriptions.

Name: Skir Hill Trail
No. of Caches: 34 (includes 4 other caches on route).
Length: 5.5 miles to be completed either clockwise or anti-clockwise (excluding the final bonus cache).
Owner: Dartmoor Dave (except 1 of the extra caches).
Cache Types: A variety of cache types with many large enough to hold swag and trackables and all have been hidden to be easily found, with hints where necessary.
Bonus Caches: 3 bonus caches. One halfway around which can be found from both directions, one at the end of the series and a bonus cache a short distance away.
Terrain: Only about 25% is on good paths and tracks, but is relatively flat. The off path sections are not too difficult but are fairly remote.  Adequate clothing is essential.  Do NOT rely solely on your GPS.
Parking: Parking for about 4 cars in a lay-by where shown.
Description:  A fairly challenging series which is more difficult than the length indicates. Not suitable for young children. Allow a full day.

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