Get the 2016 Dartmoor Geocoin and Support Devon Mega 2017

I don’t normally release the design for the new coin but tonight I spotted the Devon Mega request to help fundraising just as the final factory die art arrived on my desk.  So here’s the deal – for the first 50 coins sold before Christmas I will donate £2 to the Devon Mega funds  Delighted

2016 Die Art

I have been promised the coins by the beginning of December, so they should make excellent Christmas presents.  The cost is the same as the previous 2 years, £15 including £2 p&p or £28 for 2 coins.  The Devon Mega will receive £2 for each of the first 50 coins sold!

If you are interested please post a comment below or post a comment in the Dartmoor Geocaching Facebook group


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Author: Dartmoor Dave


35 thoughts on “Get the 2016 Dartmoor Geocoin and Support Devon Mega 2017”

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I’ve only just seen this as I have been away for a few days. Yes, you can certainly have one. I will send you a PayPal request. If you turn it around quickly I can get the coin in the post today.
      Many thanks,

  1. Hello Dave,
    I intend to use an unregistered 2016 Dartmoor Geocoin for a draw prize in my forthcoming event (GC5P5GN) soon to be published. Could you please therefore add a second coin to my order. GH.

  2. Hi Dave, I would like to order One 2016 Dartmoor Geocoin + One Beardown Man Coin Please. The Two can be posted together when the Dartmoor coin is released. Many Thanks Bob

  3. Hello Dave, if possible can we have two of these? Also, if you have any of the 2015 coins left could we also have two of those? If you can let us know when they’re in and I’ll call in and collect them when out and about. Cheers

  4. Hello Dave; I love the design and would like to order two of the beauties, if you please. Can collect when we see you at your event (?) 😀 .
    Regards – Mike.

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