2016 Seven Tors Challenge

Once again we have organised an extra activity to coincide with our 2016 New Year Cream Tea Event which is being held on 1st January, 2016 at The East Dart Hotel, Postbridge. One more tor, but three less caches than last year, but a very similar format.

At about 8am on 1st January 8 new caches will be published on Dartmoor.  These consist of two or three caches in each of 3 areas, plus the bonus cache.  Of the 7 feeder caches, 6 are simple offset caches and the other one a very simple puzzle cache.  Each of the 7 caches will contain bonus information for the bonus cache.

Three of the caches include a 2016 Dartmoor Geocoin as FTF Prizes

Yes, no fewer than 3 of the 8 caches have an unactivated geocoin as a FTF prize.  I would ask that any caching group takes no more than 1 of these coins.  Please do leave a second FTF geocoin to another group.

2016 Seven Tors Challenge Update
As promised these are the tors that need to be visited:
Rippon Tor – 1.4 miles (mainly paths – rest fairly easy)
Laughter Tor/Bellever Tor – 3.2 miles (mainly paths – rest fairly easy)
Rundlestone Tor/Hollow Tor/Foggintor – 2.9 miles (two thirds on paths, rest more difficult)
Bonus cache – 0.4 miles(easy path) 
All distances round trips from and back to recommended parking.
So a total of less than 8 miles with the majority on paths with many hints.

As last year, some of the caches will be listed on geocaching.com and some on opencaching.org.uk.

There is not a long list of rules, but please use ONLY ONE CAR for each group and do not swap bonus numbers with other groups.

So, how many are up for our Seven Tors Challenge?  Please reply to this post to let us know if you will be taking part or to ask any questions.

Please note that you can participate in this activity without attending our New Year Cream Tea event and can attend the event without participating in this activity.


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Author: Dartmoor Dave


2 thoughts on “2016 Seven Tors Challenge”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Sorry for not responding before but we’ve been unsure of whether we could get there this year, but having seen the old year out with the family back in North Devon we are still no more sensible in the New Year 2016 and so at 1.15am we are on our way home to hopefully be up in the morning to tackle your challenge. Just the type we like as you know! Hopefully the weather will be kind to us! See you later! Happy New Year!

    1. Welcome, I was wondering what had happened to you this year 😮 ! As usual it doesn’t look as though there will be much opposition, but some may be keeping their powder dry 😉 ! Please note that I have asked that only one FTF prize be claimed by each caching group. I wonder if you remember certain comments I made about placing an ammo can 😉 !

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