2018 Dartmoor Challenge

Once again we have organised an extra activity to coincide with our 2018 New Year Cream Tea Event which is being held on 1st January, 2018 at The East Dart Hotel, Postbridge. 

This year I have been forced to simplify the challenge as we were away prior to Christmas and I knew that there would not be time for placing the usual number of caches and getting them submitted for a timed publication.  However, this does not mean that the challenge will be less demanding and will probably take about the same time as previous years.

At about 8:30am on 1st January 5 new caches will be published on Dartmoor. and 4 new geocoins will be released.  The geocoins have already been placed and their locations will also be made available at about 8:30am.  In order to discover the locations of the geocoins you will need to place them on your watchlist.

2018 Dartmoor Challenge – Widgery Cross Geocoin 1

2018 Dartmoor Challenge – Widgery Cross Geocoin 2

2018 Dartmoor Challenge – Widgery Cross Geocoin 3

2018 Dartmoor Challenge – Widgery Cross Geocoin 4

As in previous years I will again be using opencaching for some of the caches, although the bonus cache will be published on geocaching.com – although possibly not on 1st January, due to new restrictions being imposed!  All caches can be found without needing to be registered on opencaching, but please DO register and LOG your finds on that listing site.

Some of you may ask – why use opencaching?  There are several reasons.  For me the most important reason is that opencaching encourages quality caches in great locations and GC can always be used for c&d micros!  Unfortunately almost all of the best locations already have a GC cache and the proximity rules virtually prevent more than one cache per tor – which is crazy as there could be a dozen letterboxes on that same tor.  Opencaching also encourages innovation with moving caches, virtual caches and webcam caches all still being allowed.  Publication is also much easier as the CO can decide when a cache should be published and there are fewer hoops to jump through!

A FTF Prize in the Bonus Cache

I have placed an unactivated 2016 Dartmoor Geocoin keyring in the cache for FTF.  There were only a very few of these made.  However, I am very happy to swap it for a normal geocoin.

The Important Stuff is Here!

  • The 5 caches have now been placed and the four 2018 Dartmoor Geocoins have all been activated and in position for New Year’s Day.
  • The total STRAIGHT LINE distance from nearest parking to every cache, and back, is less than 7 miles – so slightly longer than last year, but easy routes as no stepping stones.
  • Two of the caches are in the Haytor/Hound Tor area (and could be combined into one walk), one is near the road from Dousland to Princetown and the other is within walking distance of The Cherrybrook.
  • All caches will be published at or before 8.30am on New Year’s Day.
  • The locations of the 4 Dartmoor Geocoins will also be announced at the same time, so please do add these to your watchlist now.
  • One cache is located within walking distance of The Cherrybrook.  You may come to The Cherrybrook AFTER 8.00am if you wish to use our wifi or to park in our car park – you may even get a cup of coffee or slice of toast!
  • Please register NOW with opencaching if you are going to log your finds on that listing site: Register on Opencaching here
  • IMPORTANT:  When you register you should IMMEDIATELY get an email.  If you can’t see it check your junk and spam folders.  If you can’t find it them please contact me (Dave Martin) as soon as possible.
  • The Bonus Cache has already been published:
    2018 Dartmoor Challenge Bonus

Please note that you can participate in this activity without attending our New Year Cream Tea event and can attend the event without participating in this activity.

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Author: Dartmoor Dave


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