Welcome to Dartmoor Geocaching

During recent weeks I have been busy updating the Dartmoor Geocaching web site with the intention of it becoming a One-Stop Shop for all the necessary information about geocaching on Dartmoor.  I hope it will be of help to all those who live around Dartmoor and also those who visit for holidays and weekends, etc.  There is a new menu to the right of the screen to show what items have been recently added and updated.

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What’s on Dartmoor
  • Approximately 2,500 caches (click here) in 365 square miles of the Dartmoor National Park
  • A huge variety of terrains from pretty lakes and rivers to extremely remote and wild areas
  • Over 71% of caches defined as small or bigger
  • Less than 16% of caches defined as micros
  • 31 Earthcaches
  • 81 Letterbox Hybrids
  • 12 Wherigos
  • 23 Circular Series with over 500 caches in total. For a Map (work in progress) Click Here
  • The vast majority of the caches are placed in nearly 200 square miles of Open Access Land
  • For those of you who like remote areas, Dartmoor is recognised as having the most remote spot anywhere in England and Wales south of Northumberland and of course we have a cache there: GC7QNXV
  • Additionally, for those of you who also do Opencaching, there are approximately 100 Opencaches including several Moving caches and a Webcam cache.

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