Do I Need to Register?

No you don’t need to register, but I would like you too  Happy 

There are already over 200 registered users and the only information you need to supply is your name, caching name and email address.  You need to use your normal caching name as otherwise I cannot validate you.

There are two reasons why I would ask you to register. First it will enable you to log into the web site and leave comments on the various posts and pages, and second it will enable me to occasionally send out emails to all registered users. I haven’t sent any emails for over 2 years but I would like to start that again with a maximum of one email every two weeks, but probably far less.  These emails will tell you what has been added to the web site.

I set NO cookies on the web site but being a WordPress web site there will be a few WordPress cookies to keep it all running efficiently. I have never received any spam emails through the web site and have never heard of anybody else receiving them either.

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