2018 Dartmoor Geocoin Race – Final Positions

31st May 2018 – Latest Positions

Many apologies for the very late appearance of this first table showing the latest positions.  As most of you will be aware, we have been involved in a very complicated and time consuming house move and caching has slipped way down my list of priorities.  However, we have now moved so I have been getting out a little more and thought I would work out the latest positions.

Unfortunately only about half the geocoins have actually gone anywhere, with at least 2 and possibly 4 not even activated.  Of those that have been activated 6 are still with their owner and have not been released.  Please do activate your coins and let me know, as otherwise I cannot track them.  Those who have not released them please do so as soon as possible so that they can start travelling.

31st October 2018 – Nearly a Third of Geocoins still with Owners!

A very disappointing year for the 2018 Dartmoor Geocoin Race with nearly a third of the coins still with their owners !
I know I haven’t been chasing everybody, but surely I shouldn’t have to? There is still a month to go so can we please have all geocoins activated AND released.  Many thanks.
Of those which have been released some are likely to be missing, but once again if they can get out of the UK they are much safer.  Several seem to be travelling around Germany, but at least they are still moving.

30th November 2018 – The Final Positions

As I have mentioned before, it has been a very disappointing race year, but I have to accept some of the blame for that.  Clearly with selling The Cherrybrook and moving to Peter Tavy life got in the way of geocaching so I have not been chasing cachers to release their geocoins or keeping the positions up to date.  I can promise you a better race year in 2019.

Two geocoins clearly performed better than the rest with Mel Read winning the race with over 24,000 miles and John Higgins just over 5,000 miles behind.  Mel’s geocoin has had an amazing journey visiting Europe, America, almost up to the North Pole and ending up in Kathmandu, Nepal!  I think one cacher took it to most of these places, so it was continually dipped rather than placed.  John’s geocoin was taken to Australia and spent all of it’s time there, but it did get placed a few more times than Mel’s.  Roy Harvey’s geocoin was third being a further 9,000 miles back but did travel around Europe before getting taken to Asia and ending up in Singapore.  This geocoin was also placed several times.

Several of the other geocoins got out of the UK and had their own interesting journeys and probably a higher percentage of coins are still travelling than in previous years.  As always the key is to get out of the UK!  Obviously the biggest disappointment were the number of coins not released and I will certainly be chasing more next year.

NameCacher NameTB NoMilesLast LocationStatus
Mel ReadMoira CrackersTB8R86124,055Kathmandu, NepalIn cache
John Higginshigster TB8R85P18,855South AustraliaIn cache
Roy HarveyChudleighTravellerTB8R84G9,934SingaporeVisiting
Jayne RowseJaynie15TB8R8414,537Hessen, GermanyRetrieve from cache
Isaac OgdenheartradioTB8R8734,517Georgia, USAVisiting
Andy LawrieAmberelTB8R840
2,259Sittingbourne, KentIn cache
Colin CookeThe Cooke FamilyTB8R88W1,464Hessen, GermanyRetrieved
Janet KnellerWeather-ITTB8R87A937Östergötland, SwedenIn cache, which has not been visited since March!
Carol NorrishDylan1966TB8R847703DartmoorIn cache
Andrew Stokesstokes2342TB8R88D342Sheffield, YorkshireMarked as missing 🙁
Cathy PengillyPinguiglooTB8R85C253BristolRetrieved in August
Teresa PhillipsTaz9213TB8R88B222Bideford, DevonRetrieved in July
Janine HespjustmejayTB8R87E96OkehamptonIn cache since May, probably missing 🙁
Christine Hutchinschutch74TB8R87666AxminsterIn cache, which has not been visited since August
Neil ArmstrongFinder-ManTB8R84E16DartmoorIn cache
Liam CookenavyspootterTB8R88X0PlymouthIn cache since April, probably missing 🙁
Joe Birdmiss130TB8R87C0With OwnerActivated
Justine TearThe Old Grey MareTB8R8720With OwnerActivated
Suzy AyshfordJazz_aTB8R88T0With OwnerActivated
Jason Deandixie_gooner0With OwnerNot Activated
Warren BatrickBogbunny0With OwnerNot Activated
Lisa CanningAngelaobscura0With OwnerNot Known
Louise AutyBalrogslayers Mum0With OwnerNot Known

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