2019 Dartmoor Geocoin Race – Final Positions

7th July 2019 – Latest Positions

Once again I must apologise for the delay in updating the table showing the latest positions.  Life seems to have got in the way of caching this year and I’m afraid it has rather taken a back seat.  We have still not moved into our house we bought nearly 2 years ago, but hopefully will be in before the end of the month.

The race has started off rather slowly this year and apart from one geocoin, few seem to have gained many miles.  So congratulations to Jude Groves whose geocoin has travelled over 45,000 miles, and not by one cacher continually visiting it into caches, but by no fewer than 6 cachers.  All geocoins have now been activated but 4 have not yet been released.  Please do  release them as soon as possible so that they can start travelling.

3rd October 2019 – Latest Positions

Oh dear, what a very disappointing 3 months since my last update.  Not very much has happened at all!  Most geocoins are still in circulation, but most are just getting continually visited without being dropped off and there are still 4 geocoins which have been activated and not even released.  We will have all seen the very negative posts in the UK FB group regarding trackables and I guess this is affecting everybody’s thinking – very sad.

30th November 2019 – Final Positions

Once again not a great deal has occurred in this year’s race since my last update.  Hardly any of the positions have changed and very few coins have been dropped in caches anywhere.  It is such a similar picture to last year’s race with coins continually being visited and I am having to search through hundreds of “took it to” logs to even see where they have been.  Of course I can’t blame the geocoin owners because once it get picked up by a cacher unknown to them they have little control on what happens to it. On the positive side very few coins have gone missing because they are rarely ever in a cache!

Anyway, congratulations must go to those at the top of the leader board and particularly to Jude Groves whose geocoin completed over 67,000 miles and was dropped and retrieved at least 7 times.  I shall be contacting each of the top 3 to see how they want me to issue their prize.  Once again we have several geocoins which were activated but never released and I just don’t understand why this happens, but it seems to every year.  I know there are fewer and fewer caches large enough to receive a trackable, but geocoins are not very big and will fit into almost any “small” cache.

There are probably a few things that need to be discussed before the 2020 race but that can wait until the New Year.

Updated 30th November 2019
NameCacher NameTB NoMilesLast LocationStatus
Jude GrovesKerfufflesTB96VYE67,091Perth, Western AustraliaVisiting
Sue NickelsTobytwirlTB96VY524,755British Virgin IslandsVisiting
Derek CourtneyEl DelTB96VY38,098Pays de la Loire, FranceVisiting
Isaac OgdenheartradioTB96VT07,800StaffordVisiting
Stuart HoweStuarthowe11TB96VY85,931GlossopVisiting
Andy LawrieAmberelTB96VZ0
5,033Michigan, USAVisiting
Murray KohnMuzzaDazzlerTB96VY73,995Bayern, GermanyRetrieved
Janine HespjustmejayTB96VYJ2,639Nouvelle-Aquitaine, FranceVisiting
Anne HamiltonHeavenly MXTB96VYV
2,123Islas Canarias, SpainNo records since June - almost certainly missing
Jayne GuppyJaynie15TB96VX72,013NewburyVisiting
Kevin Bastowdartmoor stridersTB96VYY1,938Hessen, GermanyVisiting
Neil ArmstrongFinder-ManTB96VWP1,905ChippenhamIn cache
Janet KnellerWeather-ITTB96VWM944OxfordIn cache
Christine Hutchinschutch74TB96VTJ806Baden-Württemberg, GermanyIn cache
Colin MastersClan MastersTB96VWK567Lake DistrictRetrieved
Cathy PengillyPinguiglooTB96VV0
Carol NorrishDylan1966TB96VX6162WorthingRetrieved, but no movement since June!
Miranda Stephensonmstopsham TB96VYD
140Washington, USAIn cache. No records since May, but cache only visited 3 times.
Andrew Stokesstokes2342TB96VTR
31Perth, Western AustraliaIn archived cache!
Justine TearThe Old Grey MareTB96VZD0With OwnerActivated
Lisa CanningAngelaobscuraTB96VRZ0With OwnerActivated
Louise AutyBalrogslayers MumTB96VYK0With OwnerActivated
Joe Birdmiss130TB96VTD0With OwnerActivated

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