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    I’m being driven mad by this puzzle cache- I’m confident I’ve got 8 of the 10 answers correct although I would like to point out that there are discrepancies such as the spot height of Green Hill on the Streetmap on the cache page is 4D3 not 4D4. I’m not sure how the name of the author appears on the front page of the Gazetteer of Dartmoor names because I can’t find a picture but the number I’ve guessed seems right. I haven’t got a clue about the 10th question- I can only relate one bit of it to Dartmoor.

    But I cannot get the checker to to turn green. I reckon a cache which has a ratio of correct to incorrect submissions of 1:15 is worth more than 3 difficulty

    At any rate, revenge is coming your way- all you Dartmoor cache setters who think you know all about your moor. 👿 👿 To give a flavour of what to expect:

    Blwyddyn Newydd dda i chi gyd. The cache will be called Enwau hanesyddol Dyfnaint. Work that out for a start 😯 Dave has promised to maintain it but he will have to find it first 👿

    Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

    Jaughan, do you realise that this is no longer a puzzle cache and that the final coordinates are available in the waypoint?


    As the owner of the said cache, it would have been more polite to ask us. We would have quite willingly helped. However as Dave has said, answer supplied. No one in this game is going to get every cache, learnt that very quickly .We have walked Dartmoor for 40 years, and still learn new things.

    Avatar photoreb10

    Having worked out all four remote caches i was quite disappointed to see the cache location given out as a waypoint,
    i hope this wasn’t because we got one of the logs soaking wet 😉

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