2021 Dartmoor Geocoin Race – Introduction

Welcome to the 8th Annual Dartmoor Geocoin Race.

In line with the government’s end of “stay at home” and the publication of new caches, this year’s race will start tomorrow 29th March.   There is no panic to release your geocoin tomorrow, but soon after would be very good.  However, PLEASE DO activate your geocoin as soon as possible AND let me know its tracking number.  If you want to participate but haven’t yet got a race coin, it is definitely not too late, details below.

Once again I will award 2022 Dartmoor Race Geocoins for the coins with the top 3 mileages.  Approve

The rules will remain unchanged this year and hopefully we will not see any of the problems of some recent years, which resulted in mileage being deducted and geocoins being disqualified!  The most important aspect of the rules is that the geocoins are moved on at all times by cachers NOT known to you and NOT organised by you. Please ensure that anybody who moved your geocoin last year does not have any participation this year.

  1. Coins only start the race once they have been released into a cache to be picked up by a person unknown, NOT by somebody known to you or organised by you.
  2. You ARE allowed to give your coin to somebody else to release it for you, in which case they MUST grab it from you first.  This allows it to be STARTED from a different place in the UK or from a different country.  However, once again coins MUST be released into a cache to be picked up by a person unknown.
  3. No mileage will be counted by the owner visiting with their coins or by somebody else releasing the coin.  Any prior mileage MUST be deleted by deleting those logs.
  4. Coins must NOT be started off in an event.
  5. Only original Dartmoor 2021 coins can be used – NO nasty proxies please!
  6. If you bought (or buy) a second coin from me at a cheaper rate it MUST be entered in the race.  There always seems to be a couple of coins each year that never get started which is not fair on others who paid the normal price for their coins. 
  7. I am only going to count the number of miles travelled.

Some useful hints and tips:

The following really are very helpful but seem to be getting ignored by most. Especially those regarding chasing up cachers who have had or probably have had any contact with your coin.

  • Physically label your geocoin to say that it is in a race and needs to be moved as far as possible.
  • If you bought a keyring coin holder from me, please do use it to attach some instructions to the coin.
  • Give as much information about the race on the geocoin description page as possible and include a photo, use the one above if you wish.
  • Don’t let cachers keep dipping your coin unless they are going long distances – coins need to be placed in a cache so that they can be moved on.
  • If a cacher hasn’t placed your coin within a few days email them and ask them to do so.  Don’t let them forget they have it!
  • Watch any cache your coin is placed in and ensure that the next visitor logs it as retrieved.  If they don’t ask them if the coin was in the cache.
  • With the current travel restrictions releasing your coin in a  travel bug hotel near an airport is probably NOT a good idea.  You also may want to avoid a cache & dash or release it in a PM only cache.  However, after it has been retrieved you will have no control.

The geocoin will remain your property and you can set whatever goals you would like on the geocoin page.  I would ask you NOT to remove the geocoin’s name but to add to it, e.g. it comes named as Dartmoor National Park 2021 Geocoin, so you could add Sue’s ….. to the front of it.  That way everybody can still search for it and I can produce some race details.

If you haven’t got a race coin yet it is definitely NOT too late.  Some late entries have done very well and won prizes.

Limited Edition 2021 Dartmoor Geocoins are still available at last year’s prices. A single geocoin will cost £14 and a second geocoin for entry into this race will cost just £10. But please note, these cheaper race coins MUST be entered into the race.

Good luck to all.  I-Wish 

The following have entered the race – please let me know immediately if you are not on the list.
If you have not already done so, please activate your geocoin and let me know its tracking number.

I know there are probably at least 2 geocoins missed off this list. If one is yours please PM me as soon as possible as I need a little more information from you.

Updated 28th March 2021
NameCacher NameTB NoMilesLast LocationStatus
Amanda KellowkellowaxAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Andrew Stokesstokes2342TB9TRH60With OwnerActivated
Anne HamiltonHeavenlymxTB9TRHH0With OwnerActivated
Belinda McSherryT&BMcSherryTB9TRGX0With OwnerActivated
Carol NorrishDylan1966TB9TRHK0With OwnerActivated
Cathy PengillyPinguiglooTB9TRHQ0With OwnerActivated
Christine Hutchinschutch74Awaiting Notification0With Owner
Colin MastersClan MastersAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Dan VincentBigKid05Awaiting Notification0With Owner
Emily HowardEmilyMilnerTB9TREJ0With OwnerActivated
Emma Cameronelcameron36TB9TRCY0With OwnerActivated
Fran WoolleywoolleybearAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Isaac Ogdenheartradio TB9TRHM 0With OwnerActivated
Janet KnellerWeather-ITAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Jayne GuppyJaynie15Awaiting Notification0With Owner
Joanna Leehomeleejo TB9TRD0 0With OwnerActivated
John StackGolden HaystackAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Justine TearThe Old Grey MareAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Louise AutyBalrogslayers MumAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Suzy Ayshfordjazz_aAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Kevin Bastowdartmoor stridersAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Murray KohnMuzzaDazzlerAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Neil ArmstrongFinder-ManAwaiting Notification0With Owner
Pamela Stokesprs1935 TB9TRHF 0With OwnerActivated
Sam BiggsFalscout TB9TREW 0With OwnerActivated
Tom Gordontomgordon98 TB9TRDP 0With OwnerActivated