Dartmoor Series – List

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This table lists the series available on Dartmoor with a brief description of each.  Click on the series name for a map, a much more detailed description, and in some cases a full list of caches.
Please note that this table is not yet complete and will constantly be added to.

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Letterboxing on Okehampton Common233.75Mainly on tracks or easy terrain on open moorland. Not as remote as it appears as parking available on the route. 2019Lala-VA relatively easy walk with excellent views, ideal for a youngish family. Allow at least 3 to 4 hours.
Note: All caches in the Okehampton Army Range
Cudlipptown Down Trail
325.5Mainly on paths or moderate terrain, half on open moorland but not too remote. Moderate climbs.2019Dartmoor DaveA relatively easy walk through a variety of terrains with excellent views. Allow best part of a day.
Letterboxing Around Sourton173.5Mainly on paths or easy terrain on open moorland, not too remote. Easy climb up to Corn Ridge.2018Lala-VA relatively easy walk with excellent views, ideal for a youngish family. Allow at least 2.5 to 3 hours.
Holne Hike
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7Mainly on good paths, but with some difficult sections. Woods, streams & open moorland2018Dartmoor DaveA relatively easy walk but with 2 steep descents. Not suitable for young children. Allow a full day.
Roos Tor Ramble174.5Mainly on paths or moderate terrain on open moorland, not too remote. Moderate climbs.2017Dartmoor DaveA relatively easy walk with excellent views. Allow 4 to 5 hours.
Cherry Brook Trail
328Mainly on good paths and tracks with the purple section more difficult than the blue, see map.2015Dartmoor DaveA family friendly series with a variety of caches split into sections. Allow ALL day for all sections.
Skir Hill Trail315.6Only about 25% on good paths and tracks, but relatively flat. The off path sections are not too difficult but are fairly remote.2014Dartmoor DaveA fairly challenging series which is more difficult than the length indicates. Not suitable for young children. Allow a full day.
Rippon Tor Ramble114Mainly on easy moorland paths and tracks, not too remote and with moderate climbs.2014dartmoor striderA relatively easy walk over some of the less remote Dartmoor tors. Great views throughout. Allow half a day.
Connors Challenge
132.5Mainly on good paths and tracks in woods, but some open moor. Fairly flat. Some forestry work recently.2014Dartmoor DaveFirst genuine family friendly series on Dartmoor. A variety of novelty caches with several big enough for swag. Allow 2 hours.
Haytor Down
162.5Mainly on good paths with a short road section, through woods and open moorland. Not remote.2013dartymoorA very popular series which is easy walking and suitable for families. Allow 2 hours.
Going Geo-Nutcasing Today
144.5Mainly on good paths and tracks, but with some more difficult sections. Not too remote.2013dartmoor striderPlaced in memory of the CO's father. A wide variety of caches and hides, some difficult. Allow 5 to 6 hours.
Dart'moor's Double Dozen326.5Mainly on relatively flat paths with one more difficult section. Fairly remote at furthest point. Extreme care needed at the Waterfall.2013Dartmoor DaveA relatively easy walk along the East Dart valley. Great views throughout. Some difficult caches! Allow at least 5 to 6 hours.
Hennock Trail
173.5Split between paths, tracks and lanes but with many hilly sections. Not too remote.2012dartymoorA popular series with forest walks, a muddy and rocky trail and quiet country lanes. Allow 3 to 4 hours.