Holne Hike

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Clockwise route starting at the car park shown to the east of Venford Reservoir

Name: Holne Hike
No. of Caches: 39 on main blue route, plus 11 on red link route (includes 4 caches on route by same CO).
Length: 7 miles  on main blue route, the red link route is under 2 miles.
Owner: Dartmoor Dave
Cache Types: A wide variety of good quality caches most of which are large enough to hold swag and trackables and are reasonably easy to find with hints where appropriate.  There are also several novelty type caches.
Bonus Caches: 3 bonus cache within the series.  Only 12 bonus  numbers need to be collected, all of which are repeated in a second cache.
Terrain: There are very good paths on much of the route, but not between HH08 and Sharrah Pool or between HH26 and HH29.  These both have difficult paths and steep descents, rated as terrain 4.  The terrain is varied with woods, streams, open moorland and many splendid views.
Parking: Large car park east of Venford Reservoir at the starting point of the blue route.
Description:  Originally this was 3 separate series which criss-crossed and were confusing.  Now consolidated into a single series with 11 linking caches to provide different route options.  This series is  described as a family friendly series “who like a bit of excitement!”  Although the vast majority of the paths are easy enough, the stretches between HH09 and Sharrah Pool and between HH27 and HH28 are rated as Terrain 4.  There are some very steep sections with a sharp drop adjacent and these are NOT suitable for young children and it is recommended that ALL children are supervised.  However, the linking route does allow alternatives should these prove too difficult.  Allow ALL DAY to complete the main Holne Hike blue route.

NameGC CodePlacedTypeSizeDiffTerrPMOFPWOwner
HH01 - Holne Hike - GorseGC7TT6V17/07/18TraditionalOther22N2.06Dartmoor Dave
HH02 - Holne HikeGC705J701/02/17TraditionalSmall22N0.6Dartmoor Dave
HH03 - Holne Hike - SonicGC7TT9217/07/18TraditionalOther22.5N5.84Dartmoor Dave
HH04 - Holne Hike - OakGC7TT9M17/07/18TraditionalRegular22N0Dartmoor Dave
HH05 - Holne Hike - Three OaksGC705GQ01/02/17TraditionalRegular2.53N1.82Dartmoor Dave
HH06 - Holne Hike - Below PathGC705GJ01/02/17TraditionalSmall22.5N0.35Dartmoor Dave
HH07 - Holne Hike - MushroomGC705GE04/02/17TraditionalOther22.5N2.14Dartmoor Dave
HH08 Holne Hike - Dead TreeGC7TTA917/07/18TraditionalOther22.5N0Dartmoor Dave
HH09 - Holne Hike - Start DescentGC7TTAK11/06/18TraditionalSmall23N0Dartmoor Dave
Sharrah PoolGC6MMPG01/07/17TraditionalSmall2.53N18.76Dartmoor Dave
HH10 - Holne Hike - OakGC70FNH01/07/17TraditionalOther2.53N4.68Dartmoor Dave
HH11 - Holne Hike - RockGC7TWMD19/07/18TraditionalSmall22.5N0Dartmoor Dave
HH12 - Holne Hike - Mossy HoleGC70FND01/07/17TraditionalRegular23N1.22Dartmoor Dave
HH13 - Holne Hike - WaterfallGC70FNC26/06/17TraditionalSmall23N7.54Dartmoor Dave
HH14 - Holne Hike - In Plain ViewGC70FN926/06/17TraditionalOther22.5N0.59Dartmoor Dave
HH15 - Holne Hike - Sawn TrunksGC70FN526/06/17TraditionalSmall22.5N2.57Dartmoor Dave
HH16 - Holne Hike - Another TreeGC70FN426/06/17TraditionalRegular22.5N0.18Dartmoor Dave
HH17 - Holne Hike - Rock FaceGC7TWNW19/07/18TraditionalSmall22.5N0Dartmoor Dave
HH18 - Holne Hike - Rotten TreeGC7TWPD19/07/18TraditionalMicro22.5N0Dartmoor Dave
HH19 - Holne Hike - PostGC70FMX01/07/17TraditionalSmall2.52N1.15Dartmoor Dave
HH20 - Holne Hike - Little CrossGC7TZ9Y19/07/18Multi-cacheSmall22N1.79Dartmoor Dave
A Fine Pair # 900 ~ Holne (Replaced)GC7TZP022/07/18Multi-cacheSmall22N0Dartmoor Dave
HH21 - Holne Hike - SignpostsGC7TZHV21/07/18Multi-cacheMicro21.5N0Dartmoor Dave
HH22 - Holne Hike - FootpathGC7TZVJ19/07/18TraditionalSmall22N0Dartmoor Dave
HH23 - Holne Hike - OwlGC7TZW221/07/18TraditionalOther22N1.19Dartmoor Dave
HH24 - Holne Hike - TreeGC70FGA13/02/17TraditionalMicro2.52.5N0.29Dartmoor Dave
HH25 - Holne Hike - Tree TrunkGC70FG807/07/17TraditionalOther2.52.5N4.44Dartmoor Dave
HH26 - Holne Hike - GateGC70FG707/07/17TraditionalOther32.5N4.83Dartmoor Dave
HH27 - Holne Hike - LeatGC7TH3R21/07/18TraditionalOther13.5N2.24Dartmoor Dave
HH28 - Holne Hike - WaterfallGC72Q6E09/03/17TraditionalSmall2.53N12.65Dartmoor Dave
HH29 - Holne Hike - TreeGC72Q6906/04/17TraditionalSmall23.5N10.32Dartmoor Dave
HH30 - Holne Hike - GullyGC7V2GE21/07/18TraditionalMicro22.5N0Dartmoor Dave
HH31 - Holne Hike - RocksGC7V2K119/07/18TraditionalSmall1.52.5N0Dartmoor Dave
HH32 - Holne Hike - RockGC72Q5Q06/04/17TraditionalRegular1.52.5N0.14Dartmoor Dave
HH33 - Holne Hike - SpoilGC7V2M321/07/18TraditionalSmall22.5N1.62Dartmoor Dave
HH34 - Holne Hike - Near StileGC72Q5H06/04/17TraditionalOther22N4.97Dartmoor Dave
HHBA - Holne Hike - Bonus AGC7TWN619/07/18MysteryRegular2.52.5N3.01Dartmoor Dave
HHBB - Holne Hike - Bonus BGC7V0DY21/07/18MysteryRegular22N3.62Dartmoor Dave
HHBC - Holne Hike - Bonus CGC705KB04/02/17MysteryRegular32N34.81Dartmoor Dave
HHL01 - Holne Hike LinkGC7040204/02/17TraditionalSmall22.5N0.33Dartmoor Dave
HHL02 - Holne Hike LinkGC703V804/02/17TraditionalOther22.5N8.86Dartmoor Dave
HHL03 - Holne Hike LinkGC7V51025/07/18TraditionalMicro22.5N0Dartmoor Dave
HHL04 - Holne Hike LinkGC703TH04/02/17TraditionalRegular22N0.32Dartmoor Dave
HHL05 - Holne Hike LinkGC7V51925/07/18TraditionalSmall22.5N0.94Dartmoor Dave
HHL06 - Holne Hike LinkGC7V51G25/07/18TraditionalSmall2.52.5N0Dartmoor Dave
HHL07 - Holne Hike LinkGC70FB212/02/17TraditionalOther22.5N4.79Dartmoor Dave
HHL08 - Holne Hike LinkGC72Q6T10/04/17TraditionalOther1.52N0.75Dartmoor Dave
HHL09 - Holne Hike LinkGC72Q6Q06/04/17TraditionalOther22N3.18Dartmoor Dave
Little Bridges # 1515 Holne Moor Leat 1GC7V51Y25/07/18TraditionalSmall22N0Dartmoor Dave
Little Bridges # 1516 Holne Moor Leat 2GC7V52W25/07/18TraditionalSmall22N0Dartmoor Dave
FPW - I’ve used the Wilson Score Interval method to rate caches by favourite points. This is far better than a simple count or average as it takes into account the total number of finds. It does not include logs from basic members.