Cherry Brook Trail

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Anti-Clockwise route starting on the west of the blue route in the lay-by at Cherrybrook Hotel

Name: Cherry Brook Trail
No. of Caches: 32 (all sections); 17 (blue section)
Length: 8 miles (all sections); 3.5 miles (blue section)
Time: Allow ALL day for all the sections
Dartmoor Dave
Cache Types: A large variety of novelty caches with several big enough for swag, etc. and including two 5 litre caches!  The majority are fairly simple with hints where necessary.
Bonus Caches: 2 bonus caches, one at the end of the blue section, another at the end of the mauve section.  All of the bonus information is repeated for the first bonus cache, but not for the second bonus cache.
Terrain: Mainly paths and tracks. Mainly open moor with some woods. The red section is a climb up to Bellever Tor. The mauve section is much more challenging than the blue section.
Parking: At the start of the blue section.  Large lay-by east of the Cherrybrook Hotel.  Other good parking at both the Lower and Higher Cherrybrook Bridges.
Description:  Placed as a direct result of the success of Connor’s Challenge, but intended to be much longer and more challenging.  The blue section is much easier but will require either a walk back along a B road, or somebody to go and fetch the car!
Link to First Cache: GC64H5K

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