Roos Tor Ramble

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Name: Roos Tor Ramble
No. of Caches: 17 (includes 2 caches on route by same CO)
Length: 4.5 miles to be completed clockwise
Owner: Dartmoor Dave
Cache Types: Most of the caches are large enough to hold swag and trackables and are reasonably easy to find.  There are a couple of novelty type caches.
Bonus Caches: 1 bonus cache NOT at the end of the series.  Only 6 bonus  numbers need to be collected, all of which are repeated in a second cache.  Calculate the bonus coordinates as soon as you have sufficient numbers.
Terrain: There are reasonable paths on much of the route, but not between RTR06 and RTR08 which is typical moorland grass, although fairly dry, even in winter.  The 2 climbs are relatively easy.  However, this is a fairly remote walk and adequate clothing is essential.  Do NOT rely solely on your GPS.
Parking: Parking for about 6 cars on the grass at the start point.
Description:  A circular walk which is not too strenuous and would be ideal for a youngish family, but is not pushchair friendly.  Good quality caches throughout with some excellent views.  Allow at least 4 to 5 hours.

NameGC CodePlacedTypeSizeDiffTerrPMOFPWOwner
RTR01 - Roos Tor Ramble - RockGC7EXKH19/11/17TraditionalSmall22N1.71Dartmoor Dave
RTR02 - Roos Tor Ramble - GertGC7EXKQ19/11/17TraditionalSmall22N0.28Dartmoor Dave
RTR03 - Roos Tor Ramble - ClitterGC7EXKT17/11/17TraditionalSmall2.52N0.29Dartmoor Dave
Seat with a View 25 - Roos TorGC7EXKV15/11/17TraditionalSmall22.5N1.13Dartmoor Dave
RTR04 - Roos Tor Ramble - Boundary StonesGC7EXM119/11/17TraditionalSmall22.5N0.9Dartmoor Dave
RTR05 - Roos Tor Ramble - SettlementsGC7EXM219/11/17TraditionalSmall22.5N0.92Dartmoor Dave
RTR06 - Roos Tor Ramble - GrassGC7EXM619/11/17TraditionalSmall22.5N0.31Dartmoor Dave
RTR07 - Roos Tor Ramble - CairnsGC7EXM820/11/17TraditionalOther23N3.81Dartmoor Dave
RTR08 - Roos Tor Ramble - RiverGC7EXMA20/11/17TraditionalSmall2.53N8.38Dartmoor Dave
RTR09 - Roos Tor Ramble - WeirGC7EXMB20/11/17TraditionalSmall22.5N0.98Dartmoor Dave
Little Bridges # 1319 Grimstone LeatGC7EXME17/11/17TraditionalRegular22.5N1.84Dartmoor Dave
RTR10 - Roos Tor Ramble - LeatGC7EXMG20/11/17TraditionalRegular22.5N1.84Dartmoor Dave
RTR11 - Roos Tor Ramble - River ViewGC7EXMJ19/11/17TraditionalSmall22.5N0.32Dartmoor Dave
Roos Tor Ramble - BonusGC7EXMP19/11/17MysteryRegular3.52.5N27.02Dartmoor Dave
RTR12 - Roos Tor Ramble - MiningGC7EXMR17/11/17TraditionalRegular22.5N0Dartmoor Dave
RTR13 - Roos Tor Ramble - LakeGC7EXMV20/11/17TraditionalOther22N5.32Dartmoor Dave
RTR14 - Roos Tor Ramble - BrackenGC7EXMW19/11/17TraditionalSmall22N23.34Dartmoor Dave
FPW - I’ve used the Wilson Score Interval method to rate caches by favourite points. This is far better than a simple count or average as it takes into account the total number of finds. It does not include logs from basic members.
Updated 22nd January, 2019