2011 Caches – The Placers

It’s not surprising that I head up the list of placing new caches in 2011.  After all, I do live right in the middle of the moor and as soon as I started geocaching nearly 2 years ago, it was obvious that there was a huge dearth of caches in the more remote places.  Most of the caches were down in the south or around Burrator so I concentrated on filling some of the holes in the middle.

Thanks to all those who have placed caches on Dartmoor during 2011, let’s hope for many more in 2012.

RankPlacerNo Placed% of Total
1Dartmoor Dave5324.2%
3Silky & Saucepan Man198.7%
4Hobo and Miss125.5%
7The Urban Ranger62.7%
7The Forgetful Elephants62.7%
11Station Master41.8%
15lambs of cleeve31.4%
15The Celtic Jedi31.4%
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2 thoughts on “2011 Caches – The Placers”

  1. Park up at the scout hut, near Sheepstor. Walk through the grounds of the scouthut, follow the green track marked “Edwards path” on your OS map. Where it turns right along the west side of Eastern tor, pop over to the Drizzlecombe side and make your way to Ditsworthy warren. You can get back to the carpark following the gravel track alongside Gutter Tor. Lovely area, few caches to bag and no traffic that can hit your dog as they leap out of the car in excitement.

  2. Dave, I have just started out, and looking for max 2 hour route, start/finish the same with car park that I could walk the dog on the moor (southern, easy!) can you help please

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