2011 Caches – Popular Caches

I am defining popular caches purely on the number of times that they have been found.  It is not recommending these caches or suggesting that they are of any particular quality – either good or bad.

Before I compiled this list I would have thought that it would have been dominated by easy cache & dashes placed by the roadside.  But this is not the case.  Possibly two reasons may explain this – first, we don’t have that many cache & dashes on Dartmoor and second, many of those we do have were placed later in the year and haven’t had the same chance as those placed earlier.

The surprise to me is the huge popularity of the South Brent Trail and the Dewer Ramble.  Together, the 31 caches in these two series account for 46% of the total caches found on Dartmoor this year!  Please note that I have only included one cache from each series in this list, as otherwise hardly any other cache would get a mention!

So, if you want to place caches that are going to be popular, forget the cache & dash, and place your caches around a fairly easy but beautiful walking route somewhere to the south of the moor.  Congratulations to both Silky & Saucepan Man and muddypuddles for these very good and enjoyable series.

RankCache NamePlacerFound
1South Brent Trail No.1Silky & Saucepan Man187
2'Take Moor Care' #2HappyHockings136
3Dewer Ramble 1: Cadover Crossmuddypuddles127
4Rock Around the Cox 4sonatellas115
5'Take MOOR Care' #1HappyHockings106
6Foggintor SchoolThe Celtic Jedi103
6Dartmoor Travel Bug HotelDartmoor Dave103
8JESSIE'S CACHEHappyHockings96
9Goz on the MoorGoz Family88
9Little RockRedeyesi88
11Dartmoor Exploration 2 - Hound TMarcusLee87
12Just Another Bridge - Lydford Raveedub-girl82
12The Joy of Caching - No. 10The Forgetful Elephants82
14The Indian in the LeatSimcki75
15Rest stoprvf-boy70
16Mortar By The WaterKeturah68
17wistmans woodsadrianmoore63
18Sam's 9th Birthday Cachepopplegriff61
18Wrangaton cross log wellbeloved74761
1814 Miles from Plymouth TB hotelwellbeloved74761
21Picnic placervf-boy60
21Walk on the Wild Side - No 1 PowDartmoor Dave60
23Take CourageHobo and Miss58
23Beano & Lilly's Box.andystoze58
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    1. It’s actually many more than 7 because I have only included 1 cache from each of the main two series. Every cache in these series will have had more than 100 visitors, so the total is more like 36. But c3!

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