2011 Caches – Best Caches?

The best caches? – well, maybe!

This list is by the percentage of finders who awarded a favourite.  However, for many of these caches the sample size is very small and arguably not representative.  But, if you haven’t found it, you can’t rate it!

One thing for certain, Puzzle caches were very much absent from the lists of popular caches and caches by favourites, but they certainly appear in this list.  This is probably because although most cachers just avoid puzzle caches, those who enjoy them do so enthusiastically and then award favourites to these caches.

RankCache NamePlacerFoundFavs% Favs
1Great Scientists II: Bardeen, Brmuddypuddles64100%
1Great Scientists II: Karl Schwarmuddypuddles44100%
3Pipe Dream 4 - 107.6muddypuddles5480%
3Alphabet Puzzle Challengemuddypuddles10880%
5Zoom Lens Photo PuzzleDartmoor Dave6467%
5East Dart View - Zoom Lens PuzzlDartmoor Dave3267%
7Great Scientists II: Carl Saganmuddypuddles2150%
7East Dart - Tinner's HutDartmoor Dave2150%
7Shavercombe Brook Waterfallmuddypuddles6350%
7Crow Tor View - Zoom Lens PuzzleDartmoor Dave7350%
11Pipe Dream 2 - The Winklermuddypuddles281346%
12Bench Tor RevivedDartmoor Dave11444%
13The Joy of Caching - No. 15The Forgetful Elephants381643%
13A Moment in TimeKy Devas10343%
15Ciffart SenocThe Urban Ranger471842%
16Bird's Eye ViewDartmoor Dave421541%
17The Sticklepath Fault - LustleigThe Boo Team12440%
17Great Scientists II: Darwin to Cmuddypuddles5240%
19The Joy of Caching - No. 10The Forgetful Elephants823139%
20Up The Beaconfelixmycat311138%
20Never Say Never! - Cherry BrookDartmoor Dave8338%
20Kelly MineWestwardho!12338%
23Pipe Dream 5 - Stick Upmuddypuddles17635%
24Follow the Tigger Photo TrailDartmoor Dave3133%
24Great Scientists II: Marie Curiemuddypuddles7233%
24Map and Compass Challenge - No 1Dartmoor Dave6233%
24West Dart View - Zoom Lens PuzzlDartmoor Dave7233%
28The Joy of Caching - No. 8The Forgetful Elephants26832%
29Walk on the Wild Side - No 8 FurDartmoor Dave18431%
30Geological Dartmoor.Wadders10330%
30Cut Hill Peat Pass N EndELDitton12330%
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5 thoughts on “2011 Caches – Best Caches?”

  1. The API for third party applications will return members only caches without checking if the person running the query is a member (or at least it used to). When I started geocaching I used to cache & log finds through a Symbian app called geocache navigator. It took me a while (and a strict email from Miss) to figure out why I couldn’t see the caches I logged on the website (but they did count as a find)

  2. I wondered if anybody would comment on that. Only premium members get favourites to award and the percentage only includes premium members. So in this case 2 of the finds were not premium members. However, this is a premium member only cache so this shouldn’t happen. I have checked other caches and the same has occured. Either they were premium members at the time they logged it or there is a loophole in the system that allows non premium members to log a premium member only cache. I will investigate further.

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