2011 Caches – Favourites

This is a list of the caches which have received the highest number of “Favourites”.  The South Brent Trail and Dewer Ramble caches feature high in this list as they are the last in their respective series and many cachers will award a Favourite for the series and give it to the last cache.

Once again Puzzle caches fare very badly and are to be avoided if you want to earn Favourites.  The most important factor in this list is the type of container. Only 13% of the 219 caches have a container type of “unknown” but they account for 26% of the Favourites awarded.  In fact several in this list are cache and dashes but in an unusual container.

As I would have expected, the Joy of Caching and Pipe Dream series have received many favourites so thanks to The Forgetful Elephants and muddypuddles for these excellent series – I am sure (and hope) that there are many more to come?

RankCache NamePlacerFavourites
1South Brent Trail No.19Silky & Saucepan Man34
2The Joy of Caching - No. 10The Forgetful Elephants31
3Dewer Ramble 12: Dunstonemuddypuddles27
4Ciffart SenocThe Urban Ranger18
5The Joy of Caching - No. 15The Forgetful Elephants16
6Bird's Eye ViewDartmoor Dave15
7No BrainerHobo and Miss13
7Nice View!Hobo and Miss13
9Dewer Ramble 6: Winding Housemuddypuddles13
9Pipe Dream 2 - The Winklermuddypuddles13
11The Joy of Caching - No. 12The Forgetful Elephants11
11Mortar By The WaterKeturah11
11Up The Beaconfelixmycat11
14South Brent Trail No.12Silky & Saucepan Man10
15Alphabet Puzzle Challengemuddypuddles8
15The Joy of Caching - No. 8The Forgetful Elephants8
17A Prickly Situationfelixmycat7
18Peter Tavy Street ViewHobo and Miss7
19Dewer Ramble 4: Cadworthy Woodmuddypuddles7
20Pipe Dream 1 - Three Little Piggmuddypuddles7
21Pipe Dream 3 - Touchy Feelymuddypuddles7
22lost in the postpumpkin patrol7
23South Brent Trail No.10Silky & Saucepan Man7
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