Dartmoor Forest Again!

There was I being really good and doing some maintenance on our rooms, when up rushes Judy to tell me that a cache has been published only a couple of miles away! By the time I looked another 2 had appeared and it was evident that muddypuddles had been at it again! So straight into the car and up to the Warren House Inn – and Judy thought we were going caching!

Dartmoor Forest Millennium Boundary Stone on the Corner of Soussons Forest

Before attempting the new caches, I realised that one had been placed very close to the Warren House Inn a week before and it still hadn’t been found – it really was a c&d!  So we found that one first and then set off for the other 3.

The first was at Soussons Down which we walked to from the pub, spotting this new Dartmoor Forest boundary stone on the corner of the forest.  We then drove and walked to the other two caches.

So, with 4 FTFs not a bad afternoon’s work, but little maintenance done on our rooms!

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