Leap Day Preparations

Judy and I had signed up weeks ago for The Forgetful Elephants’ Leaping into Leap Day event and Hobo & Miss’s Leaping on the Green event and then we made a late decision to also go to Exeter for Stuey’s Get Your Caching Fix on Day 366! event!  So it would be a very hectic day.  But not only that, last week I had contacted Kit & Buster to ask if they would mind if I placed some caches for their event – and I had done nothing about it!

The Bullseye Stone Near Windy post

So yesterday, Judy and I explored the area around the Cox Tor car park, to see what we could do.  I thought it probably needed 4 or 5 caches including some sort of bonus on an easy walk of about 2 miles.  The route was not difficult to plan, but placing caches was as I had to dodge 2 or 3 existing caches (including a puzzle cache with unknown coordinates) and I also wanted something interesting that would keep a group of cachers busy for an hour or two.  We eventually decided the locations for all of the caches including a couple which we thought a group might find interesting, plus a revived cache for Windy Post and a bonus cache.  Next, all the locations had to be checked with the reviewer,  5 cache descriptions submitted for a timed publication at 9pm today and the clues for the bonus cache calculated!

All that was achieved yesterday, so today all I had to do was to finalise the caches, insert the bonus information and go and place them in the agreed locations.  Easy!  And now an early night for that 6am start tomorrow and hopefully lots of fun!

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