Dartmoor Forest Series

Whilst I’ve spent all week putting together the two Dartmoor Challenge caches, muddypuddles has spent the week putting together a huge new series of caches right around Dartmoor.  Well he hasn’t placed them all yet, but 3 on Monday and a further 4 on Thursday, seems a pretty good start. Looks as though this series could end up with about 50 caches!

Burrator on the walk down to Nunn's Cross

It’s Saturday morning and nobody has yet found the last 4 placed so we decided on an early start on the most glorious January day, certainly the best of the year so far.  We parked up on the road to Whiteworks and walked down towards Nunn’s Cross picking up two FTFs on the way, narrowly missed out on a third at South Hessary Tor, before shooting across to Babeny for another FTF.  A very good morning’s geocaching!

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