Mission Accomplished!

This week has been amazingly busy with my life dominated by the two Dartmoor Challenge caches.  Also I have desperately wanted to get right out deep into the moor to replace another cache which appears to have gone missing.  Weather-wise, the end of the week looked best after some terrible days earlier in the week and I targeted today for the maintenance trek and placing the challenge caches.

The challenge caches required a couple of maps to be drawn up which was hugely time consuming, plus the final drafting of the rules.  It seemed logical to place them fairly close to the cache I had to replace so with all preparations complete, I finally set off from Postbridge for a very wet walk.  The forecast was for showers, possibly snow and sleet and I got a mixture of everything. However, it was the wet underfoot that was the most challenging coming after several days of heavy rain.

But, the open moor is really where I want to be and after a trek of over 8 miles, taking me almost as far as Cut Hill and back I had replaced my missing cache and placed 2 new ones, including the Dartmoor Mega & Minor Challenge caches – mission accomplished! Smile

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  1. I have to say that I am giddy with excitement as Brockatbeare and I have made plans to go PROPER caching when the weather is going to be slightly less minus zeroy and more like plus twentyy. Lightweight tent has been delivered and Brock has dusted off the old Trangia and I can’t WAIT to get out trekking again and sleeping under the stars.
    Thank you, Dartmoor Dave, for giving us the best excuse in the world. 🙂

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