Birth of the Dartmoor Challenge Caches

Phil’s idea of the Dartmoor 365 Challenge kept returning to me over the weekend and today I have given it some serious thought.

The square miles idea just doesn’t work, they are not defined anywhere and would be impossible to check. So square kms then?  Noooooo there would be about a 1,000 of them! 4 sq km squares  make much more sense and there are about 250 of them.  Why not add two more challenges as well, one with 16 sq km squares and one with 64 sq km squares.  All the squares are based on the OS grid, are totally defined and each cache shows an OS grid reference – perfect.

Alas no, a quick exchange of emails with the reviewer and he objected to the large number of caches and said it was unachievable. So, back to the reviewer with the two smaller challenges and the idea of only caches placed from 2012 would count – so making it a level playing field for all.

Yes, we are in business, the reviewer approves the idea – surely it must be all plain sailing now! THANK-YOU

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Author: Dartmoor Dave


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