An Update on the Dartmoor 2014 Geocoin

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After the initial enthusiasm and interest in the Dartmoor National Park 2014 geocoin it is not surprising that sales have rather dropped off.  We never produced the coin as a serious business venture, but just because we wanted to produce a quality geocoin for Dartmoor and to see what interest there would be and hopefully to get our investment back!  When we first saw the coin its quality well exceeded our expectations, and everybody else who has seen one has been equally impressed.

On Saturday evening I thought I would try to sell one on eBay.  I set the minimum bid at £9 and the Buy It Now price at £14 and went to bed.  When I got up on Sunday morning it had been bid up to £30!  Smile

However, I would much prefer these coins be bought by local cachers or by cachers who come to visit Dartmoor.  I shall therefore continue to sell the coins at £12 (+p&p) to cachers in these categories, but I will only be selling one coin at £12, additional ones will be £16, which was our original stated price and which I think is very fair.  For anybody else finding this site the cost will be £16 (+p&p) – it obviously makes no sense for me to sell them at £12 just to see them resold on eBay.  Hopefully those who have already bought one will treasure it and will not be looking for a quick profit.

I will be at tomorrow night’s event at the Rock Inn and will bring a few coins with me.  If you would like one (or more) please let me know by replying to this post – it will save you the postage & packing!

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14 thoughts on “An Update on the Dartmoor 2014 Geocoin”

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you still had any of the 2014 coins remaining and if so would it be possible to order both a 2014 and 2015 coin that could be added to our ever growing collection of coins. They would sit in our coin drawer for a bit as we prefer to have cached in an area before putting them in the collections we take to events.

    If this is possible can you send me an e-mail to with the cost and details required to make a paypal payment for them.

    Many thanks,
    Ady – The Old Soldier

    1. Hi Patrick,
      Yes I’ve lots left. It was a limited edition run of 250 coins, but more of a hobby than a business, so I’ve never really pushed them. Did you see them on my recent FB posts in the geocoin groups?
      Postage to mainland Europe is £5 or £10 if you want them sent tracked and signed for. I’ve just sent 4 coins to Germany.
      I use PayPal for payment and would need an email address if you are interested.

  2. Hi Dave
    I would like one of your Dartmoor coins, and wondered if you will be at Stop the Clocks (or whatever it is now called) tomorrow, as that would save the hassle of postage and packing.
    I’m hoping that we have found enough caches on Dartmoor to qualify for your £12 price. 😀

  3. the coins are so lovely and as there are only 200 of them im sure theyll be sort after even more, once people are out and about and showing them off! really stunning.

  4. Hi Dave
    I would like one of the coins please. I will collect it at our event tomorrow if you wouldn’t mind bringing one for me.
    Thanks Peter.

    1. Hi Peter. Of course I will bring you one. Perhaps you could do me a favour and announce on the event that I will be there and bringing coins if anybody should want one. That would be very helpful and much appreciated. Many thanks, Dave.

    1. So far 28 geocoins have been activated but NONE have been placed out in a cache generally available. You can see all the activated coins here. When you activate a coin please try to avoid changing the name already given, just add extra characters before or after, as otherwise nobody can watch them.

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