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At the end of June 2012 I produced a list of all geocachers registered as members of this web site sorted by the number of their finds on the UK Rankings List.  I have now had the opportunity to update this list as of January 28th 2014.  Last time I limited this list to only those who had found 1,000 caches, but this time there is no limit, although there is no ranking list for those with fewer than 200 finds.

I have compared the position in the ranking list with the previous one and there are 20 who have moved up and 21 who have moved down.  Of those moving up there is one very clear winner: Dartmoor Deliverer who has moved up 1,140 places to 350, but special mention must be made of Yukonhuskies who is now ranked at 1,478 and wasn’t even geocaching when the first list was produced!

It’s tough towards the top though.  Broyleboxers have had to average over 220 finds per month to climb into the top 60 and wheelybarrow has had to find nearly 150 per month to maintain their position in the top 130.  Further down the list only 55 finds a month are required to maintain a top 1,000 ranking and at the bottom of the ranking list just 110 finds will take you up 4,000 places!  So, if you are at the bottom of the list just one good month will propel you almost one third of the way up the list.

I have only included in the list those members who I have been able to match with their Username.  There are others, who are clearly geocachers, but I have no idea who they are.  If you are registered on this site and are not on the list, please let me know who you are.

The full list may be found here: January 2014 UK Ranking List

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