New Year’s Day – Five Tor Challenge

As promised we have organised an extra activity to coincide with our New Year Cream Tea Event.

At 9am on 1st January 5 new traditional caches will be published on Dartmoor, which will be loggable as normal on  Each of these caches will contain the coordinates of a string of 2 further caches (not loggable) which will contain a bonus letter and number.

The bonus cache (also not loggable) can be found at:
N 50° 33.(B+C)(D-F)(E+H) W 003° 56.(D-A)(I-G)(B+J) which is close to The Cherrybrook.

There will be a FTF prize in the bonus cache of our new 2014 Dartmoor Geocoin and other prizes will be added depending on the number of participants.

Yes, this IS a race!  The race will finish at 5pm and all participants must return to The Cherrybrook by this time.  If nobody has found all 16 caches then the prize will be awarded to the cacher with the most number of points:

  • 1 point will be awarded for each of the 5 traditional caches
  • 1 point will be awarded for each of the 10 offset caches, except the 2 caches associated with the Mel Tor View cache which will be awarded 2 points each
  • 3 points will be awarded for the bonus cache
  • Total of 20 points, but the winner must have at least 12 points.

To help with planning, the shortest route between all the caches and returning to The Cherrybrook is about 33 miles, in total there is less than 6 miles to walk.  An approximate time estimate would be about 1.5 hours driving, 3 hours walking and 1 hour planning & searching; total 5.5 hours plus the time to reach the first cache.

There is not a long list of rules, but please use ONLY ONE CAR for each team and do not swap bonus numbers with other teams.

So, how many are up for our Five Tor challenge?  Please reply to this post to let us know if you will be taking part or to ask any questions.

There is, of course, no charge to take part in this activity, but we would hope that participants would consider a small donation to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust when they have finished.

Please note that you can participate in this activity without attending our New Year Cream Tea event and can attend the event without participating in this activity.

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Author: Dartmoor Dave


8 thoughts on “New Year’s Day – Five Tor Challenge”

  1. Think we may give this one a miss today! You can get very wet in an hours walk – never mind six! But will hope to complete at a later date. Hope to see all this afternoon. I & C

  2. Hi, we will arrive about 3pm (looking forward to a scone!) May try a bit of caching depending on weather and how I feel! One younger igloo member is desperate to do the whole thing but I think we may try them in drier conditions!
    Happy New Year for the morning!

  3. I have also received this from New Fruit on the event page: “Myself and old fruits will give the five tor challenge a try. Hopefully the weather will be on our side.”

  4. Sounds like a grand challenge! I used to love doing good old fashioned treasure hunts too. Sadly, I have made other arrangements for NYD so won’t be able to make it, but I hope it goes well, and there will be a deserving champion!

    Happy New Year to all you Dartmoor cachers.

  5. After changing our New Year’s Day plans – can’t resist a challenge! Team DS will be entering the race! Will log our attendance on the event page too! See you then, looking forward to it – game on!

  6. Blimey Dave 😯 That should sort the men out from the boys 😉
    Personal circumstances rules out team LympstoneBogtrotters from participating 😥 but could I enquire as to whether this excellently planned challenge will be available in its entirety after January 1st?

    1. Well Phil, we don’t seem to have ANY men yet 🙁 , but yes, I will leave it in place for some time after.

      Come on – men needed. It’s not that difficult, no walk is more than 1 mile in length 🙄 !

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