The Launch of Our First Dartmoor Geocoin proudly announces its first Dartmoor geocoin.

2014DartmoorGeocoinThis is a high quality geocoin produced by Landsharkz and trackable at Being our first attempt at a geocoin we were not too certain of the process and what to expect, but the resulting quality of the coin has exceeded all our expectations.

The coin measures  38mm by 3.5mm and weighs 30gm.  It is made in antique bronze colour with a 3D effect on the front and raised and recessed metal on the back.  The total mint run was 250 and there will not be any additional runs.  We hope to be able to sell between 150 and 200 and keep the rest for gifts, FTF and raffle prizes, etc.

We anticipate the normal selling price will be £16, but those ordering through this site by the end of January, will receive a discount of 25% – so a price of only £12.  The coins are available now, by collection only, but hopefully we can organise mailing for a small additional charge, but probably not before Christmas.

If you wish to reserve one of these geocoins please reply to this post below.  You will need to be registered with the web site to reply, and if you have not previously posted on the web site there will be a short delay until your reply is authorised.

Initially we will be limiting the number of coins to 3 per order, to ensure that all those wanting a coin will be able to get one.

Coins may be collected, BY ARRANGEMENT ONLY, from The Cherrybrook (between Two Bridges and Postbridge), but please do not just turn up as we may not be here.

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Author: Dartmoor Dave


40 thoughts on “The Launch of Our First Dartmoor Geocoin”

  1. Hello to the Dartmoor Geocaching Community,

    is it possible to get one of your beautiful new geocoins. I am not in the U.K. so I ask for shipping to Germany. It would make my day to get one.

    Greetings to all. Barbara

    1. Hi Barbara. Yes, I would be very pleased to send you one. I will email you directly to let you know the cost of getting it to you and how we might be paid 🙂
      Regards Dave.

  2. Hi Dave,sorry I was away for the event but would like to order a coin if there are any left,I can collect.was over at cherry brook last weekend and hope to be about this weekend too,many thanks,Stu

  3. Great coin can I have 2 please.

    Just getting familiar with the site and as of yet not seen where to send my contact details to arrange payment/collection.


    1. Hi Andy,
      I am really glad that you found the site but I’m not certain how you managed to post at all. Normally a new user has to have his/her first post moderated as otherwise we end up with loads of spam. Not to worry you are here now and I will delete your duplicate post. I will also send you a personal email with payment & collection details.
      Many thanks for your interest, Dave

  4. Hello Dave,

    The coin looks amazing, would it be possible to have 2 please. We will try to pop in during the event but if not will make contact to arrange collection.

    Many thanks and thanks for the effort you’ve put into creating the coins and organising the event.

    Kind regards,

    Mo (mo6373herbert)

  5. Hi Dave

    Please can we reserve 1 coin to be mailed if possible – not able to collect on New Years Day, but we could however do it on another occasion.

  6. Hi, we are coming to the event on New Years Day so please can you keep one aside for us – it can be on the plate with the scone and cream! Lol. Thank you :mrgreen:

  7. I do not have a collection of coins. However this looks too good to miss so I might as well start here. Not sure when I’ll be on the moor again but please reserve me one. GH.

  8. Hi Dave, looks a really nice coin! We would like one for our collection. Unfortunately we will not be around for some time to collect. Can I send you a cheque and arrange collection sometime half way through January?

  9. 🙂 Very nice Dave, very nice 😎
    Please could I reserve 3 coins – hopefully to be collected on New Years Day.
    I think the art work is excellent, The Bowerman’s Nose in particular.
    Any plans to design any more Dave? We have so many distinctive features on the Moor – could turn into a very tasty series (Vixen Tor, Windy Post, Widgery Cross…….. 😉 )

    1. If this coin is well received then I would expect to release one every year. I was amazed when I saw the art work for Bowerman’s Nose and the map with the rivers. Far better than I had thought possible. I had already thought of Vixen Tor, so perhaps we should have a competition for next year’s design? However, let’s sell this year’s first so I don’t have a big loss on it 😳 A considerable up front investment was required and a bit of a gamble!

  10. Very smart GC, which will make a great Christmas gift (if a little belated).

    Please put our name down for one, for collection next time we’re down that way!

    Many Thanks.

    Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2014 to all readers of the Dartmoor Geocaching website!


  11. That’s a lovely geocoin! Could you reserve one for us please? We’re hoping to come out on New Year’s Day so could pick it up then. Look forward to seeing you then. Meanwhile may we wish you a very Happy Christmas!

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