Dartmoor Forest and Expect the Unexpected!

Muddypuddles has been placing Dartmoor Forest caches quicker than we can find them, but one of the latest ones is not too far away.  The Dartmeet cache has been there for over a week now and still nobody has dared to venture across the stepping stones that the West Dart is rushing over!  But now there is one near Saddle Bridge and it’s not that far from Dartmeet, so a nice little walk brings us two FTF’s and two more crossed off from the series.

We’ve been planning a new little series of our own and wanted to do something a bit different from my usual clip & lock boxes shoved under rocks.  So we’ve called it Expect the Unexpected and I placed the first in the series near Saddle Bridge.  I have to be honest and admit that this series has been inspired by the wonderful Joy of Caching series and my thanks to Kit and Buster for that.  Hopefully you will enjoy these as much.

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Author: Dartmoor Dave


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