Four Down – Two To Go!

The six missing caches for the Dartmoor Mega Challenge were all on the outer areas of the National park, and of course not close to each other. One in the west, three in the north and north-east, one in the south-east and one in the south-west!  Yesterday I asked dartymoor if he could kindly place the south-east one, so Judy and I set off northwards today to place the missing three in that direction.

Our first planned placement was a definite no go, a public footpath through very obviously private farmland.  Then Judy spotted a tiny common on the map at Fire Stone Cross, so we raced across to there.  The next was placed to plan down a lovely bridleway at Crockernwell before driving around to Cristow where we found a wonderful little brook tumbling down into the village and placed our last cache by a little ford.  We had never visited this part of the moor before and were very surprised at how beautiful it was and how hilly.

We had hoped to find a few caches as well, but ran out of time, although we did manage to find a delightful cache right on top of Heltor Rock, a cache which hadn’t been found since last May!  So, a very successful day. Smile

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