Mega & Minor Caches Torpedoed!

Well almost!  Despite the huge interest in our two new caches, with lots of comments on the cache pages and lots of cachers watching, there is always one killjoy and so it is.  The reviewer has received an official complaint and has temporarily disabled the caches.  The problem is that although the caches follow the spirit of geocaching they do not follow the letter of the law! Cry-Out

Lots of emails back and forth, a telephone call with the reviewer and it is clear there are two options:  Abandon a week’s solid work, not to mention an 8 mile trek, or make a small change to the rules.  I’ve no problem changing the rules as it doesn’t make the challenges any easier – it just removes the level playing field of only counting 2012 caches.  The same number will still need to be found.  The most annoying thing is that it just wasn’t necessary, the rules were fine as they were, and changing them has achieved nothing!

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Author: Dartmoor Dave


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