X Marks the Centre!

It’s not everyday that a cache gets placed less than a mile from your house, especially when you live in the middle of the moor.  So we set a new record for shortest time between publication and FTF of 50 minutes, which included 30 minutes before I even saw the notification and time to solve the puzzle! Thanks sukidee, but I didn’t need an “X”, maybe a “Z” next time please? I-Wish

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Author: Dartmoor Dave


2 thoughts on “X Marks the Centre!”

  1. We put a ‘Z’ up for you all (Ziggy, GC387TJ) and it’s in the National Park but not on the Moor. It’s not very rugged so it is available to everyone.

  2. I think the cache on the back road between Torrington and Bideford might qualify for the ‘Z’ you’re looking for. Can even be done from your computer screen, apart from signing the log of course. Don’t be afraid to venture off the moor occasionally! GH.

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