Let Out Alone on Friday 13th!

For Judy & I caching comes in two different flavours, those we do together with Tigger, sticking to footpaths wherever possible, and those I do alone!  Today was definitely a boys only day as I attempted to explore a new, most remote part of the south moor.  The motivation was the two new caches there and the chance to plant a couple of my own, including my first challenge cache.

Sunset over Ducks' Pool

My route took me from Whiteworks over Fox Tor, via Caters beam to Green Hill.  Not much on Green Hill so I wandered even further away to Fishlake Mire to place my first cache.  Another cache placed on Blacklane Brook and return to the car via Ducks’ Pool. A great day out on the very wet moor, with 2 finds and 2 places, but the weather was kind and I saw not another sole in a trek of 8 miles, almost all “off piste”.

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