What’s On Dartmoor?

Coming to Dartmoor for geocaching? So what can you expect!

We have quality caches here of all types, of all shapes and sizes, and of all difficulties.

If you like remote (and Dartmoor is as remote as it gets in England) then look out for caches from the following:

  • Muddypuddles – Heart of Dartmoor series
  • Windrush – Alphabet Challenge series
  • Poole Dolphins – Trig Point series
  • Plymplodders – Dartmoor Ten Tors Challenge series
  • Dartmoor Dave – Walk on the Wild Side series, Heads of the River Trek series, Lych Way series and Somewhere on Dartmoor series
  • ELDitton – numerous individual caches in remote places

We have several really keen puzzle setters here on Dartmoor, so look out for: Thinking

  • Hobo & Miss – of varying types and difficulty, often mathematical
  • Muddypuddles – several, but including the hugely difficult, Great Scientists series I and II
  • Windrush – of varying types and difficulty

There is a current trend to unusual and innovative caches, with some really great ones from:

  • The Forgetful Elephants – with their immensely popular Joy of Caching series
  • Muddypuddles – with his new Pipe Dream series

I’m sure I have left out many who place caches here on Dartmoor, and my apologies to those, but the above will certainly get a visitor started. Also check the “So What Makes a Cache or Series Great” topic for more great caches.

2 thoughts on “What’s On Dartmoor?”

  1. Hi Team Flynnie,

    Welcome to Dartmoor Geocaching. Looking at this page I realise how out of date it has become in under 2 years! I need to do some updating! Several major series are missing and some are sadly no longer around. However, there are probably twice as many caches on Dartmoor as there were two years ago and they are growing all the time. The two series you mention are probably very good starting points. Please do let me know when you next plan to visit Dartmoor

  2. Thanks for a great website.

    My wife and I have been caching for 14 months now and cracked the 500 mark yesterday so we are keen to start spreading our wings. We were on holiday in Cornwall recently and cached up on Bodmin Moor but we were both very keen to try Dartmoor.

    As a warm up session we are going to try the More Ups than Downs series and then hopefully fit in The Double Dozen series over at Postgate before the weather gets too bad.

    Thanks again, and we shall check regularly for good caches/series

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