Welcome to Dartmoor Geocaching

Welcome to our new web site dedicated to geocaching on and around Dartmoor.

The main purpose of the web site will be to promote geocaching within this wonderful environment that many of us are fortunate enough to be able to call home. It is intended to help those visiting Dartmoor to understand and find the wonderful variety of geocaches that we have and also to help those who live locally to place new geocaches – and hopefully to maintain the ones they have already placed!

The web site will feature a forum which will allow members to communicate easily with each other and to provide a way of discussing any geocaching topic.  There will be topics for those searching for geocaches and other topics for those who place them.

As many of you will be aware, because of the nature of Dartmoor, there is a problem in getting caches properly maintained and often as soon as somebody posts a “Needs Maintenance” log or reports the cache as missing, the cache owner takes the easy option of archiving it.  This is an area where the web site should be able to help by highlighting a problematic cache before it gets archived, enabling local cachers to replace a cache, change a log or even just checking to see if a cache exists. It may also be possible to encourage some caches to be transferred to a new owner.

In addition I hope the web site will encourage discussion on topics of interest, will promote good geocaching practices and etiquette, will list caches and series of caches that are considered to be good, etc. It will give the opportunity for a cache owner to promote his cache or series if it has fallen in popularity. It will also help those coming to Dartmoor to find interesting caches or series. The list of opportunities is endless.

It is up to us all to use the web site to promote geocaching on Dartmoor.

Please take a look at the How to Use the Dartmoor Geocaching Web Site forum to see how to get started.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Dartmoor Geocaching”

  1. Hi Dave. Happy New Year to you, Judy and Tigger. Hoping to get a few days break up with you again this year, hopefully sooner rather than later. Couple of things – firstly thank you for the beautiful Christmas card showing Cherrybrook off to its absolute best. Secondly, would you be kind enough to reserve one of the lovely Dartmoor coins for us please, which we would hope to collect from you next month. And finally, how long will you be leaving out your Five Tors Challenge? Would love to give it a go, but unable to get up on Dartmoor until early Feb.

    Hope all well and business booming for you.

    Best wishes
    Mike & Jude (and Molly and Ted the hounds!!)

    1. Hi Mike & Jude. Thank you for your kind post and comments and my apologies for not replying before. A coin is now reserved for you and I will leave out the Five Tor Challenge for as long as possible. Hope to see you soon at The Cherrybrook.
      Best wishes, Dave, Judy and Tigger.

  2. Hi Dartmoor Dave,
    Thank you for your reply, I’m not brilliant with the computer but I’m already learning a lot. I’ll give you a call to check when I can pop in next week. Thanks again – DEVONMAIDEN (Elaine)

  3. Hello Dave,
    We met a while ago whilst I was Geocaching around Pupers Hill. I’ve only just discovered this site and am new to posting (and caching). May I reserve one of your beautiful coins please. I can arrange to collect it next week if poss (if it ever stops raining too). What a super informative site, I hope to use it often. Many thanks. DEVONMAIDEN

    1. Hi DEVONMAIDEN welcome to our web site. One geocoin is reserved for you, but please do let me know in advance when you are going to collect it.

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