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Please  “log” your find and add some comments. b9

12 thoughts on “Found The Site”

  1. It’s great to be here, and we look forward to meeting everyone on New Years Day at “the event”. First discovered Dartmoor many years ago, on “Ten Tors”, and various other endurance activities since. We used to visit from far afield, but now live in Newton Abbot. Best wishes and “Happy Geocaching” to all.

  2. I found this site a while ago, and although we are based in Bristol, we have completed a number of caches on Dartmoor when we come down to visit my daughter and family.
    We try to meet up with other Dartmoor cachers twice at year at the ‘Stop the Clocks’ events.

  3. The LympstoneBogtrotters have landed.
    Delighted to be here…………… favourite place in the world. Ever.
    And delighted to have ”Found This Site” too.
    Well done Dave ……..tidy.

  4. Having more time off recently and I have discovered Dartmoor. Takes me just over an hour to get on the nearest part of the moor.Well, I’m certainly not the first to find the site and although I haven’t explored it thoroughly yet, looks like it could turn out to be very useful to many people. Will try and join in the fun as much as possible. Thanks and seasons greetings, [orange]GH[/orange].

  5. Well done Ray. You are certainly first to log your find but were only 7th to register on the site! More surprisingly, 18 others had found the site and registered before you posted this log. Maybe the way the site works is a bit different to what others are used to.

  6. I have found ‘Dartmoor Geoaching’ website – am I the First To Find it?
    I look forward to exploring this local website as it grows.
    Many Thanks Dave.
    Ray (kelray05).

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