Family Friendly Caching Series

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I have received several enquiries asking about Dartmoor series that are suitable for families, so as it is the school holidays, I thought I might attempt to describe some of them.  The current map is only a start and I shall add to it over time.

So how do I define a family series?  In my opinion the following should apply:

  • The terrain should be suitable for most children over the age of about 5, but not necessarily buggy-friendly or toddler friendly
  • The caches should be varied in nature and include at least several caches big enough to hold decent swag and trackables
  • There should also be some novelty caches
  • Most of the caches should be fairly easy to find within 5 or 10 minutes and accessible by a child
  • There should be minimum use of roads, probably no more than 20% of the series
  • The series should end up at your starting point
  • The series should be well maintained.

At the moment I have included only 5 series which meet all or most of the above, but there are others which I shall add later.  A description and a link to the first cache can be found by selecting one of the red pointers above.  If you see a blue pointer you will need to zoom in.

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