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    Hi Spatienspedes
    Follow the advice above from Redvanman1971, you could also pop along to an event. There is one on the January 29 Dartmoor Bimonthly Midweek Event pop along meet a few local cachers and get all the advice you need. Its very informal and very friendly.

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    So I would add another:
    Put the ruddy cache back where you found it! Not a foot away, not in another hole that you think suits it better. WHERE YOU FOUND IT!

    Dartymoor I couldnt agree more I am getting a little fed up visiting some of my caches after a few DNF. Look around and unable to find my own cache so assume its gone walkies. I place another and then down the line someone logs a find on two caches at the GZ.

    Another one to add which I had happen to me recently:

    A cacher deciding that as they couldnt find the cache means the cache is missing and replacing it with a different container, missing bonus information in the log without contacting the CO in advance.

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    Lindinis on the fence? Never!!!! Oh sorry did that come out loud for all to hear? I suppose we are all allowed freedom of speach. Power is not knowledge and shouldnt be used as such, just as knowledge is not power. Sorry for the rant it just gets my goat!!!

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    I have used my oregon 300 in many many countries world wide, never had any problems with it working anywhere. In fact I even switched it on during a flight to Bahrain once just to see if i could get a signal, it seemed strange to see it recording over 500 miles an hour although it did take a little while to get a signal in the plane window but it got there in the end. You have mail!

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    Hi I did visit this cache earlier last year but got no where. Happy to help / join your team. Please contact me through shantz_uk_&_cleverclogs I have the next coordinates!!!

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    Dave thanks for all your hard work with this one.

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    Dave many thanks for driving this problem forward to what looks like will be a nice solution.

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    Signed, now over 119K

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    I can confirm it the instructions that Dave has given do work, just remember to click the “update profile” button to make the changes take effect. I didnt scroll down the page far enough and didnt see the button the first time and wondered why the avatar wouldnt change.

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