Toss-in-the-hedge micros

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    There seems to me to be a steady increase in this type of cache recently, and I was wondering what others think about this.

    Cache and Dashes are not something I disagree with in principle, as not everyone is able to climb trees or walk for miles. By hedgerow micros I mean caches where there is nothing interesting in the location, or there is no puzzle to solve, no history to discover, and no interesting container.

    The caches may have just been put out without any real thought or effort, but I know from experience that getting more interesting caching innovations past the reviewers can be more hassle than it’s worth.

    Despite their shortcomings, this type of cache is still popular though, as they are an easy way to boost numbers, I suspect.

    I had an idea a while back of a way to combat their rising numbers: if instead of your finds consisting of the number of smileys you have collected, what if you collected points from each cache you find? The points would be easily calculated by multiplying the difficulty score by the terrain score. So hedgerow micros would earn you 1-2 points, and those scary 5/5’s would bag you 25 points. It might change your day’s caching agenda if finding one 5/5 would increase your finds by the same amount as driving around to get 20 C&Ds.

    I can’t see it happening, but it’s a thought. Any other ideas out there about why these caches are increasing, and what, if anything, can we do about it?

    Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

    A huge plus for geocaching is that it embraces the whole spectrum of society. Almost anybody can take part. Some will be more able than others, either physically or intellectually but there are caches out there for everybody. My preference is for those 4 miles into deepest Dartmoor, but I also respect those who can only move a few yards from their car. Recently I met a cache owner who had spent a few months in a wheelchair and will now only place caches that are wheelchair accessible and this has certainly made me think. I won’t be placing any C&Ds myself, but for some even those will be difficult.

    I really like the “Favorite” (sic) system as this gives us all the opportunity to rate a cache. My analysis of the 2011 caches has surprised me many times – place a C&D in a different or innovative container and it immediately becomes more attractive.

    I can’t agree on awarding points by using the rating scores as difficulty and terrain ratings seem to be allocated almost arbitrarily and I often disagree with caches that have obviously been overrated to make them more attractive. But this is a subject for a whole new topic!

    To answer mp’s final question, I think we should all place caches to the best of our ability and to give as much thought as possible to the quality of the cache, even if it is only a C&D.

    Avatar photodartymoor

    Agree with quality over quantity, but not to the extent of thinking others are wrong. I have caches that are roadside so CnD, but always at an interesting place and I explain the history. From the comments I know some people like that, I and I like the idea that they’ll pause and think for a moment – but for those after the numbers, a CnD is fine too! Apart from the access issues above, not everyone has the time spare for a good walk, or even the inclination. (Crazy, I know – but apparently some people don’t like walking on dartmoor in the winter rain, wind snow and sleet!)

    I don’t have any on the moor itself yet, but I am planning two. What has put me off is the letterbox clearances and muggling that goes on in spades (to the extent that about half of the letterboxes from the guide that have 8 or 10 digit coords I’ve tried have been stolen, and entire areas cleared including caches).

    I have a micro or two out as well, but definitely not toss in the hedge. They have their place as can be hidden better or in more creative ways, but need more maintenance.

    Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

    I think the big issue with C&Ds is the location of the cache. Many are in busy lay-bys often down a little cacher’s path behind a tree. Unfortunately that cacher’s path attracts others who use it for a completely different purpose! I have just noticed that Grockle Board has been archived for precisely this reason. At the best you’re grovelling in rubbish at the worse …….!

    C&Ds really need to be off the ground and, much as I hate nanos, the little tube pushed into a road sign is a much better solution, provided that the CO is prepared to replace the little log every month or so.

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