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    Avatar photoSmiffs

    Hi everyone.. 😀

    We are planning a week holiday in November in Dartmoor. Not Geocaching everyday all day… And would like to find out what are you favourite ones. Based on location and views… or even eccentricity of the cache!

    Bit more about ourselves… just incase you see us snooping around..
    We are a family of 4 with a 12 year and 10 year old in tow.. one GeoDog Amy.. very good at sniffing out.. when she fancies it! Drive a 1978 Nato green Lightweight Land Rover with a canvas top. You never know, you might see it 😉

    We havent been to Dartmoor for years.. and are really looking forward to our week of from our Tourism jobs in Mid-Wales hence the holiday after October Halfterm!

    Looking forward seeing your suggestions! 🙂 And looking forward to seeing some yellow smiley faces on my Dartmoor map!

    Avatar photodartymoor

    How far off the road are you willing to go? Anything in particular you enjoy about caching, any other interests that ring your bells like archaelogy, geology, historical areas, water etc?

    Avatar photoSmiffs

    Well like to stay sensible with the children… but always up for a challenge.. 😀
    And for the interests… all of the above really 🙂

    Thanks for replying! 🙂

    Avatar photodartymoor

    Might be best to avoid some of the mires and the inner areas well away from the roads, but there’s still lots to do. Weather can change quickly, and forecasts are never reliable on the moor. Always wear good boots and wear proper clothes. There, nanny stuff out the way. 🙂

    Hot spot areas: Burrator Resorvoir, some great caches there, but sometimes very muggly.

    West of Princetown, Foggintor, Swelltor, Kings Tor quarries and the old railway bed. Good history, stunning views, not too strenuous if you park at Princetown and follow the railway down. One of my favourite walks, and many caches.

    West side of the moor; Burrator/Yelverton area have some very high quality caches, and don’t go past a Pipe Dream, Expect the Unexpected or a Joy of Caching cache without trying them.

    Self publicity: East side, an hour or so to do my walk around Great Plantation by Bovey Tracey is an easy and level walk if you’re looking for something not too challenging. Not strictly in Dartmoor, that bit. I’ve just done a new walk by Hennock that’ll take a bit longer and has lots of steep bits, and includes some mining history and is just inside Dartmoor.

    If you’re poking around moors you’ll also find a letterbox or too, so take an inkpad and some blank postcards if you want to do those.

    If puzzles are your thing, Yelverton has a very high density by Hobo and Miss. Also a few Earthcaches around.

    And welcome to what I think is the best place in the world 🙂

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    Avatar photoSmiffs

    Thanks for that, we love Burrator and the Princetown railway and Quarries sounds like a good idea… do Prisoners still work in the quarries?! We will be staying near Haytor and Hound Tor and look forward to exploring that area too! (Mr S)

    Avatar photoMiss

    If you decide to attempt our puzzles – mainly on Roborough Down – they have all got geocheck on them but if you get stuck please feel free to contact us for hints/help. If your kids like solving puzzles they should be able to do quite a few of them!

    Avatar photoSmiffs

    Thank you 🙂
    We just received our new OS map ol28… my old one is about 20 years old… and falling apart! So figured it was time….

    Mrs Smiff

    Avatar photodartymoor

    No, the prisoners don’t work in the quarries – most of the dartmoor quarries closed from 1880 through to 1940s, Foggintor (I think) around 1910. I’m not aware of any working quarries or mines on dartmoor now, apart from the clay workings on the west side (mostly outside but some inside) and the mothballed Meldon, but go back 150 years and it was heaving.

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