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    The new DNPA Land Owner’s Agreement can be found on the home page of this site. This should now enable us to place caches within Dartmoor’s SSSIs without requiring specific permission for each. Please note this ONLY applies to areas of common land. It does NOT apply to land that became accessible under CROW. For CROW land and other privately owned land, the normal geocaching guidelines still apply regarding getting land owners’ permission.

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    Hi, firstly many many thanks to Dave for his perseverance in getting this sorted for us all. I am sure it will make life easier for us siting caches as well as for our reviewer[s].
    Hadnt really understood the rules previously so avoided siting my own caches until recently. Three were accepted sited on common land [Belstone Common] and then a 4th was refused as it was in an SSSI! The other 3 are also in the SSSI but the rules had changed inbetween applications. However I have just reapplied the 4th [with crossed fingers] and YES it has been accepted! So the new rules are working!
    Also very pleased to see the siting in dry stone walls is not allowed – so it shouldnt as there is always “someone” who has to pull the wall to pieces to find the cache! Another good factor of these new rules! Many thanks

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    Many thanks to Dave for all the hard work, effort and time he has invested in this new LOA with the DNPA which we will ALL benifit from whether it be finding or hiding caches on Dartmoor
    Bravo Zulu………………………. Dartmoor Dave take a bow

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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