So What Makes a Cache or Series Great?

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    Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

    We’d probably all agree that it’s not the magnetic nano stuck on the back of the road sign or the 35mm micro hidden in the hedgerow. So what does make a cache or series great?

    For me, it’s got to be either in a great location, or a lot of effort has been made by the CO, or it’s got to be unique, interesting or amusing.  Preferably more than one of these!

    Top of my list for a great Dartmoor cache is the Tavy Treasure Trail.  This cache has everything: ingenuity, unique and homemade caches and a huge amount of work and planning by the CO.  Top of my list for the best series is Heart of Dartmoor as it took me all over Dartmoor and showed me places I would never otherwise have discovered.  No surprise, I guess, that Muddypuddles heads up both my lists.

    Avatar photodartymoor

    My favourite so far is the Templer Way series at Newton Abbot. Four caches with 3 unique and clever hides in a nice short level walk. They’ve added a second series next door which is also worth a try.

    Avatar photoThe Celtic Jedi

    Our favourite series is Hobo and Miss’ Plymouth and Dartmoor Railway, even though there are some that are not technically on Dartmoor. It faithfully follows the old rail line and involves a lot of local history. A close second is DD’s Walk on the Wild Side for leading me to the inner part of the Moor, where I had never ventured before.

    Avatar photoStationMaster

    we are so lucky to have all kinds of caches in this great area, from nano’s on back of signs, to dustbins. So if we like the difficult ones we go for it and if we dislike the roadsign ones we leave alone, this is why caching is so good we have the choice in what we go for. I plan to get a load more caches on the moors this Winter.

    Avatar photodrdick&vick

    What makes a series good for us is where the owner has realised that not all cachers are equal and can’t walk the same distances. It is easy to put out a large series that covers 10+ miles but with a little more thought the series could be planned in to a figure of 8 which would allow the less able of us to do the series.
    I realise that many will disagree but this is my opinion.

    Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

    What a great idea! Before moving to Dartmoor, Judy & I led the SW Surrey Walkers and our standard walk was an 8-10 mile figure of eight. 4-5 miles in the morning, the same in the afternoon and a pub lunch in between! You could do either walk, both walks or just turn up at the pub! Well worth thinking about when planning a geocache series.

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