Should We Log a Find on a Puzzle We Haven't Solved?

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    Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

    I’m not a huge fan of puzzle caches (I prefer to be out there walking the moor rather than browsing the internet for answers) but I respect those who wish to place them and those who wish to solve them. But surely solving them has to be the criteria for logging a find? Yes, you can ask the CO for a clue or hint, etc and it is up to the CO to give it or not. But is it right to log a find when you have either been given the coordinates by a third party or shown where the cache is. Is it right to ask for hints from anybody or offer hints if you are not the CO?

    I have disabled my puzzle cache relating to this web site because I believe the coordinates are being shared or the cache location is being shown to others. This practice also devalues the work and effort put in by those who have genuinely solved the puzzle.

    What do others think?

    Avatar photodartymoor

    Funny you should say that, I spent some time last weekend “Ignoring” many puzzle caches that are too hard for me to solve, so they don’t taunt me on the maps…

    What’s the difference between that and walking alongside someone, or as part of a group, to a puzzle cache not having done any of the work in solving it? How can you tell or disprove, other than by a lack of signature in the log?


    Personally we tend to avoid many puzzle caches because they are too difficult. But having said that we have claimed some either by solving the puzzle or by intuition, local knowledge and/or the clue to guide us to the location. We have shared notes with other cachers about solving puzzles but never divulged the final location (nor would we want anyone to tell us). We never claim a cache unless we sign the log sheet either.
    In the end it all boils down to how one plays the game but we can understand the frustration of a CO who sets a puzzle and then finds the final location being shared around.

    Tamerton Chocolates

    Why would “browsing the internet for answers” stop you from “be out there walking the moor” ?

    Avatar photoHobo

    We currently have forty five puzzle caches out there. They cover a wide range of puzzle types including encryptions, maths problems, embedded details in the notices and ones requiring information from reference sources. They are of course intended for those cachers who like solving puzzles as well as going out and finding caches. There are plenty of caches that don’t require any intellectual activity for those that don’t like puzzles.
    After a cache has been found for the first time we are very happy to help any cacher with a clue or two to help solve one of our puzzles. We are fully aware that there are several cachers who seem to like giving away the answers/locations. We have to accept that this is part of the game in the same way that there are cachers who cannot physically reach some caches but get others to “find” them. Usually if cachers are in a group and one has solved a puzzle all members of the group will record a find in the same way that only one of the group need climb a tree.
    If some cachers think that the numbers are so important that they need to “cheat” that is up to them but it would be nice if they attributed in their logs any help received.

    Avatar photoSabartimesine

    For me it depends very much on the Riddle. I have been along to Riddler final searches I did not log because the effort that went into getting to that stage was enormous, so I did not feel it appropriate to log a find just because I was there for the retrieve. If it is just 5 mins getting stuff from the Internet I would log a find and would not mind others logging a find if they were with me at the time.
    I quite like my cache count going up but am amazed how desperate some people seem to be to increase theirs.

    Avatar photoStationMaster

    I say in my way I play the game and its only a game, so long as you sign the log yourself thats all that matters.

    Avatar photoStationMaster

    Must admit it does feel better to solve the puzzle yourself, but I am a chap who loves to walk to a cache, (walking is why I geocache). There are several caches I have had help on, some a lot of help. I have found some puzzle final locations are the best locations to walk to, this is why I get as many puzzles signed. In my eyes its not cheating if your aim is just to get out there and sign the cache. I would be more than willing to sign the log saying I had a lot of help with the puzzle, but some cache owners would delete your log. I still think so long as you have signed the log your are entitled to the find.
    I did like the e-mail I had from Dartmoor Dave all he did in is e-mail was to say his view point without getting nasty, but he does have very strong views on puzzles. I think myself and Dave will have to aggree to disaggree, so long as we stay friends.

    We have to remember we can all wind people up (me included).
    You all know I cheat (so some people say) with puzzles (so do most of cachers).

    I do hope all the above makes sense and not to much of a puzzle.


    I don’t think it’s up to any of us to police how others play this game, so long as no-one and no property is damaged in the process. We all do it for different reasons, and there is usually something for everybody. I couldn’t honestly give two hoots if someone finds one of my puzzles but hasn’t solved the puzzle. If they sign the log, they get the find.

    Avatar photoMiss

    I agree with Muddypuddles but it is always nice if people say thank you in their log to anyone who has helped them be it the CO or a caching friend or sometimes even a friend or relation who does not cache.

    Off topic but – it would be nice if everyone said thank you for the cache itself. It’s amazing how many people don’t!

    Incidentally, Hobo’s views are not necessarily those of the management!!!

    Avatar photoStationMaster

    From now on if I get any help from Muddypuddles or Miss I will make sure I will say if I have worked it out or had help. Good job Miss looks at all e-mails because I think (I stress I think) Hobo got a different point of view on this one.
    But with Dartmoor Daves I think we should not say if we had help or not he may get upset. Dave I still like you. If we were all the same it would be a boring life.

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