Ring Ouzels

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    This is a species that is hanging on on the moor.
    Two live links- the first mentions geocaching as a possible conflict…
    NP report

    Last year’s news

    Avatar photodartymoor

    They do? I can’t see reference to geocaching in either, only letterboxing?

    In any case, it would be hard to argue any activity that puts people next to wildlife isn’t going to disturb them in some way.

    Incidentally, I used the Ring Ouzel as an arguement in a written objection to the Teignbridge development plan extending Buckland Estate into green fields along the Teign Estuary – on land specifically known to be a nesting ground to them. Somewhat more disturbing to a rare breed to have houses built on them, at least on Dartmoor this risk is far less!

    Avatar photoGoldenHaystack

    I missed “The Living World – Ouzels of the Moor”, broadcast on Radio 4, 6:35am, Sun 12 Aug 2012. However, I see it’s still on the BBC  i-player. GH.

    Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

    Thanks for that GH, immensely interesting, Judy and I listened to the whole broadcast.  However, having listened to that I can’t see how dartymoor used Ring Ouzels to prevent development on the Teign Estuary as they seem only to nest in upland areas in the most remote of locations and not on river estuaries?

    Judy and I were fortunate enough to see one in the Chitern Hills albeit half a mile away through a twitcher’s scope!  We wondered what they were watching and were told this particular valley, right next to the large M40 cutting, was a known stopping off point on their migration route.

    Avatar photodartymoor

    Sorry, I mis-remembered!  I was thinking of the Cirl Bunting.

    Am not a twitcher 🙁

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