Removal of inner containers.

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    Yesterday I collected in my Smallacombe Bottom “Following the trail” caches, at least 3 of the logbooks were soaking wet due to the removal of the inner film container. Did these people think it wouldn’t make a difference and I wouldn’t notice? But I did get a couple of throw downs, so I am only one container down. Why do people have to help themselves to these containers, we get a lot of trouble in the letterboxing world like this, hope it isn’t spreading.

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    That’s a bit daft, given how cheap new film pots are on ebay. I bought a hundred a while ago – pretty sure that’ll last a fair while!

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    Depends on how many you use as “throwdowns” 😉


    What is a Throwdown? 🙄 ❓

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    Welcome to the forum GeoPausey,
    If I answer your question you will not get a very objective answer as I have very strong views on this 👿
    A throwdown is where someone cannot find a cache and without any prior permission from the cache owner, they decide to replace the cache with one of their own. This way they can log a find (on a cache THEY placed) instead of a DNF. This can only be described as cheating! Others may have a more forgiving view 😎
    (I may move these replies to the Throwdown topic)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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