Ipplepen's Caches up for Adoption

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    Avatar photodartymoor

    Sadly Ipplepen is moving on elsewhere and offering his caches for adoption. These include some interesting and unusual ones that would benefit from saving so please consider adopting;


    Avatar photoreb10

    I can adopt Old Wrigwell Lane as its not too far from me.
    I hope Satan’s Pit and A Bird by the lb(s) find someone to adopt them as they are two of my favourite caches.

    Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

    Simon, several of these seem to be in your neck of the woods? I think I’ve got too many already 🙂

    Avatar photodartymoor

    I’ve offered to take on Satan’s pit as it’s one of my favourites and not far away from the 3/4 Knights View series I already adopted (Or Satin’s Pit, as somebody on the facebook page just called it. After finding lots of pair of fancy knickers around a cornish GZ today, that sounds much more exciting!)

    But if Ipplepen chose somebody else who was going to look after it I wouldn’t be too upset, as I’m thinking I’m a little over-extended also.

    And sadly, I suck at puzzles so many of these caches remain hidden to me. I did try “Bird” when I was walking Lustleigh cleave, but I couldn’t figure it out.

    I also considered Spitchwick, as I doubt it would be given permission now if it needed to be replaced. I would take that on if nobody else stepped forwards, but it’s not on a route I travel that often.


    I would be happy to adopt the Spitchwick if nobody else wants to, it’s the only one near me and my other caches. I can’t post on that forum though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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