"In Memory of Meaningful Souvenirs"

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    How right you are Hobo & Miss!

    When you archived your previous cache and replaced it with this one I didn’t know about 31 Days of Geocaching and wondered what you were doing. Now I do know and I couldn’t agree more. These new souvenirs have completely devalued the existing ones and they are now completely pointless. I can’t believe that cachers are popping out each day just to collect another meaningless badge.

    But the system is completely flawed anyway. When I checked my souvenirs I found I had two souvenirs for days I had NO finds. How could that be – but I have worked it out. I made a mistake and logged a Find instead of a Write Note, I corrected my mistake but the souvenir had already been generated. On another day I took the default today’s date instead of the previous day when I really found it. Again I corrected it but the souvenir remains. Now I have just logged a find for tomorrow, so I have that souvenir as well. Pointless or what 🙁

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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